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Date Update Changes
7-11-15 Jan Parrish Harold Tidwell
7-25-14 Dawn Kenney Givens Hidden Directory updated address/phone/
11-18-13 Amy Reno Obit Amy Reno Class of '67
8-28-12 Fred Grinder Photo added Ms. Marsha Grant
2-17-11 Classmate Postings Posting from Cathy Craig Gilland on Class of '71 Reunion
1-28-11 Hidden Directory Carolyn Beeler-McDaniel updated her email address
12-30-10 Hidden Directory Corrected Allen Wilson's phone number
12-28-10 2010 Newsletter Correct Doug Jones update on Page 1 of Newsletter (www.klapperschlangejones.blogspot.com)
12-27-10 Hidden Directory

Added Dennis Lewis and Sharon Horton Lee updates to Newsletter

Updated email, phone or address info for: Gary Blanchard, Lewis Ray, Debbie Brewer Shears, Dennis Lewis, Monty Cole-Adair, & Brenda Miller

12-26-10 Fred Grinder

I was advised today that Ricky Barnett, Frayser High Class of 68, passed away on December 22.

Click to See Obituary


12-26-10 Hidden Directory

Added spouse: Bryan Cunningham; Don Medley

UPdated email: Beth Aiken Odom; Eddie Edgar; Sheila Hanks, Vick Nabors Arnold; Scott Stone; Gary Crabtree;

Updated address/phone: Scott Stone; Qung Go; Kip McFarland; Joe Thompson; Phyllis Whitmore Harrell; Sandra Crook-Ray


12-3-10 Updated info William(Bill) Wyatt '70 info added to Friends section in Hidden Directory
11-19-10 updated info Chery Downs Redmon's email has changed, Brenda Grinder addr change
11-18-10 updated emails updated email addresses for Richard Harris, Elbert Greer, Norma Wooten-Miller, Ron Brassfield
2-18-10 ClassmatePostings Fred Grinder added names to photos at Ross Grimsley's Hall of Fame event
2-13-10 Books by Frayser-ites Send info on any books published by a Frayser classmate to Jimmy : vorlonjb@yahoo.com
1-06-10 Hidden Directory New Email address for Lewis Ray; and Lewis has joined facebook
12-10-09 Hidden Directory Address change for Cheryl Downs Redmon

Reunion Photos

Kip McFarland Saturday Reunion Photos

4-30-09 Geocities Site Yahoo is closing its webhosting site at the end of this year. the older site(which redirects people to this site) will shut down. Old site was www.geocities.com/frayser69
4-30-09 Notice: Programs from 40th Reunion
We have a few Souvenir Booklets available for the cost of  the booklet plus mailing ($10). If you would like one or more, please send your check for $10 per booklet to Brenda Grinder @ 6403 Heather Drive, Memphis, TN 38119. (Be sure to send her your correct address.)
4-29-09 Program 20 pages of the 2009 Program were put on the Website
4-28-09 Reunion Videos You can view these videos in Higher Quality by going to YouTube and clicking on HQ
4-28-09 Reunion Photos Randy Byrd provided updates for more names...
4-28-09 Other Classes Added Link to Photos for ReUnion of Frayser Classes from 73-74
4-27-09 2009 Reunion Page Videos and Thanks/Memories posted to Reunion Page
4-27-09 Hidden Directory Added Janice Scott-Roebuck's email to Friends section
4-27-09 Hidden Directory Jenny Hill Shepherd email updated
4-13-09 40th ReUnion

The following teachers have been invited to the 40th ReUnion of the Class of 1969. We hope many will be able to attend. For info on where the teachers now are living see Friends section in the Hidden Directory:

Bryan Cunningham, Marsha Grant, Roy Laughlin, Barbara Townsend, Sally Holmes, John Clayton, Patricia Dunn, Dossett Foster and Don Medley

Accepted our Invitation as of April 13th:

Coach Dossett Foster, Barbara Townsend, Don Medely & Coach Bryan Cunningham

4-2-09 Memorium 1969 Betty (Bradley) Estes reported that her brother Fred Bradley passed away last year
Donna Hand Coker's funeral service will be Wed. March 25th at Forrest Hill on Whitten Rd at 1:00 pm. Visitation will be Tuesday, March 24th at 5pm-6:pm same place.
Don Putman

3-24-09 Reunion Committee Email

Dear Classmates and Friends,
We have just one question for you... . .
Get Ready to Rock and Roll with the Legends of Rock!
On April 25, the Legends of Rock will take us back in time....to a time when we were young and maybe a little crazy. One thing is for sure, we knew how to have fun and guess what? WE STILL DO!
Legends of Rock, featuring our very own Andy Black, will entertain us with music from the 60s, 70s, & 80s.
Click here www.legends-of-rock.net to see their song list, photos, bios of the band members, and even listen to a sample of their music. (Be sure to click on "Listen" and then follow the directions provided below the green screen to listen to songs with vocals.) Have fun exploring the web site and getting ready to rock and roll like you did in 1969! Can you recognize Andy? He hasn't changed a bit. Well, maybe a little bit.
If you have not already done so, purchase your tickets today!
To purchase your tickets for only $60.00 per person,  mail your check (made payable to Frayser Class of 69 Reunion) to:
Linda Black
6739 Kirby Trace Cove
Memphis, TN 38119.
If you prefer to use a credit card: Call Debby Phillips at 901 896-9643 (Please note there will be a 5% service charge for credit card transactions.)
We are committed to providing you with a fun filled weekend that you will not forget. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Sincerely Ready to Rock & Roll, 
Your Planning Committee
Frayser Class of '69 Reunion


Mrs. Pinegar, Mother of Cheryl Pinegar Yarbrough '66, Jan Pinegar Dickey ' 67, and Ricky Pinegar '75, passed away on Saturday, March 21st.  Mrs. Pinegar worked for many years at Alta Vista drugstore. Visitation will be Tuesday, March 24th from 4:00PM - 8:00PM at Family Funeral Care at 4925 Summer Avenue. There will be a service in the Rotunda at West Tennessee Veterans Cemetary on Wednesday, March 25th at 10:00AM. 
The Reunion Committee will send a condolence card to Cheryl on behalf of the class.  If you would like to send a separate card or note to Cheryl, her address is:  111 S. Highland #194, Memphis, TN  38111
Please remember the family in your prayers.    Jan
3-22-09 Memoriam '71
Donna Hand Coker-class of 1971 passed away at home Saturday am. after a very brief illness. We got this information from her daughter Ashley. Thanks Jimmy, Funeral arrangements are incomplete at this time

Boss Crump


















Update on Coach Dillingham

















Tom has asked me to response to your e-mail, since he is not feeling well.  I can't tell you how blessed he felt to have many of his former students praying for his recovery.  We both thank you.  Also, we thank my sister, Linda, for her foresight to contact you and to ask for prayers from the Class of '69.  Prayer is powerful!
Tom's doctor diagnosed him with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in his left leg and Pulmonary Embolism (PE) in his lungs when he went to the ER on Monday, March 9th.  The doctors told him it is going to take a while for the blood clots to dissolve, since the blood clot was so large in his left leg--it reached from his groin to his ankle in his leg.  His doctors put him on the blood thinner, Coumadin and the injections, Lovenox.  When we went back to the ER on Tuesday, the ER dr. took him off the Lovenox injections, since the labs results reflected that the blood was too thin.  He went back to the dr. again today to get his blood tested.  We just pray that it will be in the satisfactory range.  If it is too thick, he could have a stroke; too thin, he could bleed out, if there is an injury.  His doctors have advised him to walk around as much as possible, but he is very tired and it is very painful for him to walk.
The doctors seemed to think that the clot formed in the leg when we flew to Hawaii on January 19th.  He got sick the day after and was sick the entire 13 days.  He went to the doctor for congestion while we were in Hawaii.  When we returned to Maryland on February 1st, he was still very sick so he went to his primary doctor and was diagnosed with pneumonia and bronchitis and was put on very strong antibiotics.  He never got well.  Finally, we had a sign-his left leg swelled double in size.  Then the problem was unmasked.  His doctor told him it was a good thing he had a warning.  He is very fortunate and blessed to be here today.
Again, thank you to the Class of '69 for their continued prayers.  Tom is not sure whether he will be well enough to fly in time for the class reunion. He would really enjoy seeing all of his former students and would have a great time.
Take care and God Bless You All!
Patsy Dillingham (Written for Tom Dillingham)
3-13-09 Hidden Directory Added Janice Scott-Roebuck to directory
3-10-09 Hidden Directory New phone# for Barbara Briner-Meeks, New phone and email for Craig Culley, New email for Donald Davis, city change and email for Roi-Ann Dixon-Bettez, phone change for Stan Grissom, Phone # for Frank Heflin, New address for Nancy Haynes-Car, Phone # for Doug Jones
3-6-09 Hidden Directory Updated info for Jeff Cooper and Dawn Leigh (Kenny) Givens
3-06-09 Latest Letter from Reunion Comm See latest invitation and letter from the Reunion Committee
2-26-09 Hidden Directory Qung Go address and email corrected
2-24-09 Hidden Directory Re-added Jan Parrish Info
Class ReUnion Invitation
Invitation Notice and return card sent out to all classmates
2-19-09 Directory/Spreadsheet

added/updated email for Ralph Adams, Mike Messer, Connie Allgood, and Pamela Stark; updated address for Marybelle Ayers

2-17-09 Directory/Spreadsheet Added Ben Collins wife Hope, corrected Robert Brandon address on spreadsheet, Corrected zip code Nancy Black-Shockley, updated Joe Stanley Springer phone number, updated address info for Jeanne Strain-Privette and Sheila Gail Wyse-Wood and Susan Goforth Brown
2-17-09 New Letter from the ReUnion Committee
2-17-09 Hidden Directory Denzil Hardin address is no longer good , Susan Goforth-Brown info updated
2-15-09 Hidden Directory Added Pam Malone's email address , added Dale Franklin's info; added Roger Marion '70 as Friend
2-14-08 Hidden Directory Address/phone update on Jeannine Paullus Scrip, Glen & Edie Reed , Charlotte Rackley-James, Linda Reece-Young, Michael Redus, Chad Scott, Glen Sharpe, Christopher Ruess
2-10-09 Hidden Directory Updates info on Robert Brandon, Andy & Cheryl Kitchens
2-5-09 Directory '68 David Essary added and email updated

Dear Ms. Brenda Grinder,
Welcome Frayser Class of 1969!
Thank you for selecting the Holiday Inn Select Memphis East to host the overnight accommodations for your event scheduled from 24-Apr-2009 to 26-Apr-2009. Your group rates are valid for booking from 24-Apr-2009 through 26-Apr-2009.
If you or your attendees wish to extend your stay outside of these dates, you will need to book a separate reservation on the Web site or contact us directly at Holiday Inn Select Memphis East (+1) (901) 2141072 Ext: 7289.
Please advise your guests to make reservations as soon as possible. The rate will be valid as long as we have rooms available, up to and including 26-Apr-2009.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact:

Kaleen Bennett
Holiday Inn Select Memphis East (MEMEA)
(+1) (901) 2141072 Ext: 7289

2-3-09 Hidden Directory

Joe Thompson's email address is corrected in Hidden Directory.

2-3-09 Reunion info from ReUnion Committee, Feb 3rd, 2009; and list of missing classmates
1-27-09 Update

Mickey McCune's Dad passed away over the weekend. He was almost ninety years old and still living alone....Kaye Phillips

DONALD LEE McCUNE, SR., died January 26, 2009. He is preceded in death by his wife Gloria L. McCune and his parents, Ray McCune and Ruth Hargett. He is survived by his children,DianeM.Allen, Michael J. McCune, Donald L. McCune, Jr. and Jayne Anne M. Clinkscales; 10 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. He served in WW-II in the United States Coast Guard. He was a retiredBusinessOwnerof Industrial Engines Parts & Service. Visitation will be held 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, January 28, at Northridge Woodhaven Funeral Home in Millington and Funeral Mass at Our Lady of Sorrow Catholic Church at Noon on Thursday , January 29 in MemphisNorthridge Woodhaven. Northridge Woodhaven Funeral Home 901-872-3375

1-22-09 ClassMate Postings Video Interview by WMC-TV of Nancy Black Shockley and her brother
1-15-09 Reunion Info

New Information posted about the Next Reunion on April 24-25th

12-25-08 2008 Newsletter

The Class Newsletter will be loaded at 12:01am December 25th, Christmas Day

12-24-08 Hidden Directory If you have excel and want to see and excel version of the hidden directory go HERE, you will need the user id and password for the hidden directory


Date Update Changes
10-07-08 class 77 & 78

aries yearbooks for 1978 and 1979 for sale on dvd

10-15-08 Hidden Directory

Allen Wilson email address updated

11-23-08 Directory
Hey Jimmy,
Just got off the phone with George Mcgee, Class of 70, and he told me about this site.  I think it's great that you guys have put this together and really would like to join the site.  I'll send a photo and bio, but wanted to see what else you would like to get me added?  My general info is:
Perry King (Class of 70)
(Info in directory)
Leander is just North of Austin.
Look forward to re-connecting with  some of the folks from Frayser.
12-08-08 Addresses

If you have email or mailing addresses for the following, please let Jimmy or Monty know...thanks

Gary Blanchard, Wanda Crowe, Laura Travis Whitehead, Keith Newsom

12-10-08 Directory-Friends

Added email of Peggy Woodard Tryon '70 to Friends Directory List





Date Update Changes
8-15-08 ClassMatePostings

Photo of Judd Childress daughter ...w/Elvis; Story about Ron Hall in Commercial Appeal

8-25-08 Hidden Directory

New Email for Joe Thompson

9-8-08 Class of 66

Marilyn Wylie Sanders passed away.

10-05-08 Webpages

Links have changed and will be updated for next couple weeks.

To access the Hidden directory, you will need a password. If you are a 1969 classmate, teacher or friend of the class send an email to Monty Cole Duncan at mjcdod@hotmail.com ; the password will change a couple times a year and you will be send new access codes.

10-05-08 Hidden Directory

updated address on Kip McFarland & Dennis Lewis

10-6-08 Hidden Directory

Carlos Rodriquez address corrected



Date Update Changes
7-27-08 ClassmatePostings

Ronnie Scates story from Joe Thompson

6-07-08 ClassmatePostings

Frayser shirts for sale from Frayser Alumni website

6-03-08 ClassMatePostings

Photos grandson of Barbara Briner Meeks, and grandson of Joe Thompson

6-03-09 ClassmatePostings
Memories from Joe Thompson, and Dale Ray
5-30-08 Class of '72

Added Mark Thompson (Joe's brother) photo in Memoriam section

5-30-08 ClassmatePostings

Barbara Briner Meeks grandson

5-19-08 Hidden Directory email address update for Joe Stanley Springer



Date Update Changes
4-24-08 ClassMatePostings

Passing of Sheila Diane Self Henderson


3-31-08 ClassMatePostings

Memories of Frayser from Chet McCraig's Photo Gallery (Click Here to go to Chet's Website)

3-31-08 ClassmatePostings

Randy Byrd brags on one of his many many relatives.

3-24-08 ClassMatePostings
Is that a blood pressure machine by the glass of coke on the table up front? Just kidding, of course. It is so good to see these faces from the past.
As someone who couldn't bounce a round ball without dribbling it off his foot, it was always a pleasure to watch the Rams compete against Treadwell, Kingsbury, Central, Tech, and other "arch villains." You guys brought a lot of excitement and fun to the rest of us. Thanks.

Randy Byrd


3-19-08 ClassMatePostings

Info on 1968 Class Reunion on Sept 5 and 6th

3-3-08 ClassMatePostings

Photo of Coach Clayton and Classmates updated by Chuck Fann

2-18-08 ClassMate Postings Commercial Appeal Article on Coach John Clayton


Date Update Changes

Hidden Directory

The updated class directory is now available in the Hidden Directory. If you are a classmate and want a printed copy mailed to you, send an email request to either Jimmy or Monty. Those that had requested a mailed copy when you sent in your surveys for the class newsletter,,those were mailed today.

12-31-07 ClassMatePostings

Note from Dwayne Byrd on Frayser related articles in 12-30-07 Commercial Appeal

12-25-07 ClassmatePostings

Story in today's Commercial Appeal about Nancy Black Shockley's Dad and her visit to Paul McCartney in England

12-25-07 Newsletter

Our 5th class Newsletter is published HERE; you can also post comments by clicking on the comments link then on comments field

12-17-07 Hidden Directory

Updated address and email for Debbie McAlpin Faulkner

12-14-07 Hidden Directory

New email addresses for Sam Phillips & Debby McCain Phillips

12-12-07 Help If anyone has address for Vickie Campbell, let Monty or Jimmy know...thanks


Date Update Changes

Hidden Directory

Updated info Elizabeth Aiken

12-11-07 Update Subject: Buddy Mac Pre Ceremony Golf Outing- Dec 18th 10 a.m

We are going to play a ceremonial round of golf at Davy Crockett on Dec 18th at 10 a.m. We are going to remember all the great times we had with Buddy at Crockett. As many of you know he loved this place and would like nothing more than a couple of hundred people playing golf in his memory. I hope you will forward to all who knew Buddy and tell them as Buddy would say "Come On".
I'm quite confident there will be a card game for those who don't play golf. If you don't golf, smoke, drink, or play cards like most of us do, we will probably need designated drivers, so your welcome to come too.

See you Dec 18th 10 a.m. at CROCKETT

Forward to all newspapers, radio stations, bars, parlors, restaurants and anyone else who knew Buddy, we would like to have a big turnout for this event.

Thank You Brent Clements 615-573-7119


Cheryl was in our class in earlier years but graduated with the class of 1970:

CHERYL JANE CAIN, 56, of Memphis, passed away Sunday, December 9, 2007 at her residence. Services will be held Wednesday, December 12 at 2:30 p.m. at Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 8161 Germantown Road, Olive Branch, MS. A visitation will be held Wednesday from 1 p.m. until service time at the church. There will be a private interment. Ms. Cain was predeceased by her parents, Wayne Franklin and Rheba Durbin Cain. She is survived by her longtime companion, Rick Hammond; her aunt, Lola Plunk; one son, Mike Bohannon, all of Memphis; and one brother, Wayne J. Cain of Bartlett. The family requests that memorials be sent to the American Heart Association. Memorial Park Funeral Home 901-767-8930 (forwarded from Ben Collins)

12-9-07 Question

Sundays Commercial Appeal listed obit for Barry Gallegos ; if you any info if this is Barry from our class, let us know

"BARRY RICHARD GALLEGOS, 56, of Memphis, passed away December 7, 2007. Family Funeral Care 901-761-8000"

12-9-07 Hidden Directory

updated info Scott Stone, email for Rita Ford Moreland, email for Cotton Jolly

12-08-07 Classmate Postings

Becky Martin Davis update on losing her Mom

12-3-07 Classmate Postings Sherman Reed sent in update about golf pro Buddy McEwen--Commercial Appeal article


Date Update Changes

Class of 1967

Patti Hanon Kirby passed away on November 25th.  Visitation will be Friday, November 30th, 6-8PM with funeral services on Saturday, December 1st at 10:00AM. Both will be held at Memphis Funeral Home, 5599 Poplar Avenue.  

11-29-07 Memoriam Page A survey to Mary Jane Buffaloe was returned marked that she is deceased.
11-28-07 Hidden Directory

Updated phone no. and email address from Betty Hodges Snyder

11-21-07 Note

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and I wish you the best holiday season. There won't be any class updates until Tuesday as I am travelling. Please send your NewsLetter updates using the Online Survey form or drop an email to Monty or myself. If you have siblings that attended Frayser, tell them to drop us an update also. If you need to mail a photo versus email, send to Jimmy Burk, 4129 Loch Meade Drive, Lakeland TN 38002

Jimmy Glenn Burk

11-21-07 ClassMatePostings

Update from Nancy Black Shockley

11-20-07 ClassMatePostings

Commercial Appeal article on Mike McCune's company

11-19-07 ClassMatePostings Update from Mitch McCracken


December Newsletter: A survey will be mailed out the 1st week of December and also be available on-line to submit your Updates and Class greetings. If you know the where-abouts of any of the classmates below, please let Jimmy or Monty know.

You might also check your address on the Hidden Directory Page to make sure it is still correct. If you need this webpage address send an email to vorlonjb@yahoo.com.................THANKS....................Jimmy & Monty

Elizabeth Aiken-Burnette
Ronnie Cartwright
Linda Flynn Mrazek
Amory Foster
Juanice Gunter
Jeannine Paullus Scrip
Judy Rayburn
Dwaine Rose
Allen Wilson
Carlotta Albright Green
Jeanette Avant Crain
Deborah Ann Beith
Gail Boyd
Betty Bradley
Fred Bradley
Patricia Ann Brandon
Kathie Janine Camp
Patricia Ann Canizares
Patricia Carrigan
Nancy Carsley
Ronnie Cartwright
Gwendolyn Clay
Sandra Cook
Jeff Cooper
Victor Eugene Crawford
Don Carsley
Carolyn Dianne Ellis
Nina Feldbaum
Linda Flynn
Amory Forrester
Barry Gallegos
Brenda Gibson
Harry Gibson
Susan Goforth
John Hallmark
Judy Howell
Judy Johnson
Sherry Jones
Merle Kerr
Linda Walls
James Benton Martin
Carol Mize Wilson
Steve Pittman
Donna Price Milton
Charlotte Rackley
Patricia RIley
Richard Sain
Betty Sanders
Janet Steinfield
Gary Thorton
Pam Warren
James Whitehead
Mike Woods


Date Update Changes

Hidden Directory

New email address from Mike McCune

11-6-07 ClassMatePostings Update from Ben Sanders who now has a new daughter-in-law
11-05-07 Note

For you history buffs, an exact duplicate of Columbus' flagship (the Nina) is docked at riverside downtown Memphis. It was built for the movie "1492". Cost is $5 to see it.

Click HERE for more info. It is interesting to see how small these ships were.

11-05-07 ClassMatePostings

Update and Photo from Peggy Woodard Tryon

10-30-07 ClassMatePostings

Grandkids, Grandkids and more Grandkids....update from Monty Cole and Jeannine Paullus

10-27-07 Update

New Page found called Memphis Memories

10-25-07 ClassMatePostings Update from classmate Charles Margolin from Jacksonville, FL



Date Update Changes


Name update Mary Rose Geer

10-18-07 ClassMatePostings Jimmy Photo from Canada
10-03-07 ClassMatePostings Story from Debbie McCain Phillips
10-01-07 Class of '72

Class Blog

9-26-07 ClassMatePostings

Another Photo from Cheryl Downs son Adam "Sunset in Bahrain"

9-10-07 Classmate Postings

Photos of Adam, Cheryl Downs son who is serving in our Military

9-10-07 Hidden Directory New email address from David Tisdale


Date Update Changes

New Updates will not be posted till Sept 9th when I return from vacation. Please send your updates and memories to Monty at mjcdod@hotmail.com while I am away with Pirates


8-30-07 ClassMatePostings Wisdom from Sherman Reed , and a Mystery Photo submitted from Mystery Classmate....
8-27-07 Hidden Directory Email address change for Gary Crabtree
8-25-07 Memorium '70

Mike Rankin died of a heart attack on August 12, 2007 in Memphis.

.....forwarded from Ben Rankin

8-20-07 Hidden Directory

New email for Linda Reece-Young

8-15-07 ClassMatePostings

Notes from Peggy Woodard '70; Connie Allgood '69

8-15-07 Class '67 Bill Byrd added captions to his Reunion Photos


Date Update Changes


Nice story from Monty on Merrymobiles

Very Interesting link to Memories of Memphis, Raleigh, Frayser and Lakeland

Sivad has his own MYSPACE account

The Class of '67 held their reunion this month

Reunion 67 Photos from Bill Byrd

8-10-07 Hidden Directory New email address for Nancy Black-Shockley
8-01-07 ClassMatePostings Note from Sherman Reed on State intervening with Memphis Schools
7-27 ClassMate Postings Write-up on Qung Go from Northwestern
7-15-07 ClassMatePostings

Article about King and Spalding expansion where Glen Reed is a partner

7-15-07 Hidden Directory

Updated contact info for Richard Manning



Date Update Changes


Update on Cheryl Downs Redmon's son Adam

7-11-07 ClassMatePostings Photo from Randall Byrd and his lovely wife
7-6-07 Class of '68 Chuck Culpepper passed away on Thursday, July 5th at his home in Greenville, SC. Funeral services will be held in Greenville at 2:00PM on Sunday, July 8th at Woodlawn Funeral Home and burial at Woodlawn Memorial Park. Family will receive friends at the funeral home at 12:00PM prior to the service.

Attached is Chuck's obituary from the Greenville Paper

The Reunion Committee will send a condolence card to Sara and her family on behalf of the class. If you would like to send a separate card or note to Sara, her address is 164 N. Aberdeen Drive, Munford, TN 38058.

Please remember the family in your prayers. Jan Parrish
7-05-07 ClassMatePostings Photos and Memories from Tommy Burks
6-22-07 Hidden Directory

Email changes from Phyllis Whitmore Harrell

6-08-07 Hidden Directory

Email changes from Carol Linebaugh Murphy


Date Update Changes


Pirate Tips

6-04-07 Class of 1966 Memoriam

Our classmate, Larry Mansfield, passed away at his home in Newberry, PA. on May 31, 2007.

ClassmatePostings, Classof66Site

6-01-07 Hidden Directory Monty has new work email; Barbara Briner Meeks work email is no longer used; Jimmy's email 'jgburk@bellsouth.net' is no longer valid; only use vorlonjb@yahoo.com
5-28-07 Request to Locate Linda Launious & Alice Morgan

Message: I am Marilyn's (Marilyn Miller Fiveash) younger sister, Cathy. I wondered how I
could get in touch with some of her other schoolmates, Linda Launious & Alice Morgan. Do you know where they may be?

Cathy Miller, Drummonds, TN ( katilac@bigriver.net )

5-25-07 MemphisOrpheum

An excellent way to spend a Friday or Saturday at the big screen

Orpheum Summer Movie Classics

Fri June 15, Breakfast at Tiffany's
Friday June 29, Casablanca
Friday July 6, Raiders of the Lost Ark
Sun July 8, Sound of Music
Fri July 13, Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sun July 15, The Color Purple
Fri July 20, Goldfinger
Fri Jul 27, Gone With the Wind
Sat July 28, The Godfather
Sun July 29, The Land Before Time
Sat Aug 3, The Wizard of Oz
Sun Aug 5, The Ten Commandments
Thur Aug 9, Caddyshack
Fri Aug 10, Phanton of the Opera(silent)

Thurs-Sat Movies 7:15pm showtime
Sunday Movies 2pm showtime(except Color Purple-3pm)

5-11-07 Hidden Directory

Sherman Reed's Phone number is updated


Date Update Changes

Class of '72 Webpage

Freshman photos added

5-06-07 Class of '72 Webpage The 1972 Class is now planning their next reunion for August. Go to the webpage for Reunion Info, Class of '72 Yahoo Group Page and other info.
5-01-07 Memoriam Page Passing of Marilyn Jean Miller Fiveash of 1969 Class
4-25-07 Memoriam Page Ben Collins sent me a note this morning that Roger Dale Craig had passed away.
4-3-07 Memoriam Page

More comments on Sgt Major Mancuso cross posted from classmates.com from Gene Harrison and Ray Dickson

3-31-07 ClassMatePostings

Basketball Stats from 65-66 Season from Billy & Randal Byrd



Date Update Changes

Memoriam Page

Passing of Sgt Major Joseph Anthony Mancuso

3-15-07 ClassmatePostings Youtube video of opening Sivad from Fantastic Features....
3-04-07 Memoriam Class '66 Passing of Ronny Waycaster of the Class of 1966
3-02-07 ClassmatePostings Proud Uncle Randal Byrd bragging rights
3-02-07 Reunion ClassOf1967

40th Reunion for Class of '67 August 3rd and 4th,2007 at Sam's Town

3-02-07 Some History

Click Here for some history about Frayser and how it got its name etc etc etc on Page 10


Date Update Changes


2-24-07 Memoriam '68 Passing of David Harrell, Class of '68
2-16-07 Memoriam Memory about Mr. Robey from Don Putman '70
1-20-07 Hidden Directory Updated info from Joe Thompson, Amory Forrester, Chuck Fann, Carlos Rodriquez
1-20-07 ClassmatePostings

Updates from Amory Forrester, Joe Thompson, Chuck Fann, and others

1-19-07 Missing Classmates

In sending out the surveys for our December class Newsletter the following were returned as bad addresses. If you know where any of these classmates are please let them know to send their contact info to either Jimmy or Monty.

Andy Kitchens, Cheryl Lowe-Kitchens, Donnie Davenport, Richard Manning, , Allen Wilson, Juanice Gunter, Elizabeth Aiken Burnette, Teresa Swatley-Glaser, Robert Brandon, Gary Blanchard, Linda Flynn-Mrazek, Jack Chandler, Donna Price-Milton, Judy Williard-Deacon, Judy Raburn, Dale Franklin, Ronnie Cartwright, Harry Gibson,


Date Update Changes


Update from Lauren Crews; Tas-T-O Donuts --Murray Wilson '89

1-05-07 Hidden Directory Cheryl Downs Redmon's address updated.
12-30-06 ClassMatePostings Article that Bill Haltom wrote for Commercial Appeal: 'Princess Performs a true Christmas Miracle
12-26-06 Directory 1970 Contact info for Stan Wooding posted
12-26-06 ClassMatePostings

Note from Bonnie King Kelley '70 ; Re: 2006 Class Newsletter

12-21-06 ClassMatePostings Two Photos submitted for our December Class Survey. It isn't too late to send a greeting to the Class. Click Here to submit a greeting or update, or send an email to Jimmy or Monty


Date Update Changes

Class NewsLetter

We will begin editing the class newsletter on December 20th; Please Send an update from All of You Out There, we would like to hear where you are and how your are doing; We have heard from about 25 of you as of today.

CLICK HERE to use the Online Form to send us an update or Greeting.

CLICK HERE To see who has responded to the survey.

Thanks Monty & Jimmy

12-04-06 Directory 1968 Class New info for David Davidson
11-30-06 Hidden Directory New contact info for Dianne Patterson Drost
11-28-06 Directory 1970 Class Updated info on Peggy Woodard-Tryon
12-04-06 Bad Address List

The following surveys were returned by the Post Office as bad addresses. If you know location of the following classmates, let Monty or Jimmy know how to contact them...thanks

Juanice Gunter, Linda Flynn-Mrazek, Richard Manning, Robert Brandon, Jack Chandler, Lauren Crews, Gary Blanchard, and Judy Raburn, Ron McCracken, Allen Wilson, Carlos Rodriquez, Dwayne Rose, Elizabeth Aiken Burnette,Judy Williard-Deacon, Donnie Davenport


Date Update Changes

Annual 1969 Class Newsletter

All '69 Classmates, and anyone who was a friend of the class are invited to submit greetings or updates for our Annual Class Newsletter. This will be published to the Web on Christmas Day. Click Here to participate or send an email to Monty or Jimmy

Send in Info by December 20th

11-19-06 Directory 1970

Added information from Don Putman--Class of 1970 married to Sharon (Byars) '71

11-18-06 Hidden Directory New email address for Don Tummins; New address for Ben Sanders
11-18-06 Notice CORRECTION: Half the Surveys mailed to you had Monty's Return address INCORRECTLY listed. Her street address is listed as Will Springs Cove and Should Be WILLOW SPRINGS COVE. Please correct that address before mailing back and sorry for the Inconvenience...Jimmy

215 Surveys were mailed out on Nov 14th to 1969 Classmates for our 2006 December Newsletter. If you do not receive a survey in the mail by Thanksgiving, send an email to Monty or Jimmy with your address and we will drop one in the mail to you. Mail back the enclosed stamped return envelope whether you have an update or not so we can Verify your address. An online survey form will be posted on the webpage on Thanksgiving dayfor classmates and any friends of the class to post greetings or updates about themselves. You all have a great Thanksgiving Week!

JimmyBurk & Monty Cole-Duncan

11-17-06 UpDate

215 Surveys were mailed out on Nov 14th to 1969 Classmates for our 2006 December Newsletter. If you do not receive a survey in the mail by Thanksgiving, send an email to Monty or Jimmy with your address and we will drop one in the mail to you. Mail back the enclosed stamped return envelope whether you have an update or not so we can Verify your address. An online survey form will be posted on the webpage on Thanksgiving dayfor classmates and any friends of the class to post greetings or updates about themselves. You all have a great Thanksgiving Week!

JimmyBurk & Monty Cole-Duncan


Date Update Changes

ClassMate Postings

Death of Sputnik Monroe -rasslin' legend

11-01-06 ClassMate Postings

Jimmy and Stephanie greeted Halloween guests as.....

11-01-06 ClassMate Postings Mitch McCracker and new MySpace Page
10-21-06 ClassMate Postings Webpage of son of Coach Rencher
10-14-06 Class of 69 Webpage

Our class webpage reaches 100,000 hits


Date Update Changes


Memories from Maurice Cates ;;;;;;;; & Monty's son got Married!

9-24-06 ClassMmatePostings

Note from Gary Harrison '72

9-23-06 ClassMate Postings interesting sites: frayser in wikipedia, and Privacy Video on Pizza ordering ; Video: FedEx Fleet arriving in bad weather
9-17-06 ClassMate Postings Jim Morrison Story from Mitch McCracken
9-17-06 ClassMatePostings

Memory of Bob Lacher and the Draft from Randal Byrd


Date Update Changes


Memories from Mitch McCracken

7-30-06 ClassMatePostings

Series of Postings from Ronnie Wells, Gary Harrison & Randal Byrd 'just one more time'

7-23-06 ClassMatePostings Jimmy Burk, 1st born son weds Texan
7-15-06 Hidden Directory New email address for Diana Newton Reed
7-9-06 ClassMatePostings

Vickie Harris grandkids

Summer is so fun, these days! (The boys wanted to spike up their hair "like YaYa's") V* Summer is so fun, these days! (The boys wanted to spike up their hair "like YaYa's") V*


Date Update Changes
June 2, 06

Classmate Postings

Info on Frayser Coaches.

May 25 Updates

We are trying to keep email addresses up to date and recently sent a message to classmates: the following emails came back as bad; if you see yours here, let us know what your new email is..thx Jimmy & Monty

rlbrandon@fdic.gov,kip_mcfarland1@sbcglobal.net,david.creasy@fkilogixte.com j-forrester_99@prodigy.net cphillips@selectobits.com dennislewis@bellsouth.net pmray@juno.com rk@hmpins.com cruess@vino.com dlnreed@yahoo.com bamboopnuts@msn.com cha_tho@msn.com mmickmac@ad.com
andy@dr-kitchens.com GOMCDONA@BECHTEL.COM bdlamey@reynoldscable.net
atoka38004@aol.com pommom399@aol.com rmanning3@satx.rr.com

May 25 ClassMatePostings Michael Powell grandkid photos
May 25 ClassMatePostings Congrats to Monty on her announcement!!!!!
May 25,06 ------ Sorry for delay in posting updates, my laptop broke and it took a while to get it fixed. Please send any new updates to post to your classmates...Jimmy


Date Update Changes



April 14 '69 Aries Yearbook The class yearbook was 1/2 size pages; there are now full size pages posted.
April 5, 06 Hidden Directory On April 12th, Cheryl Downs: Address and Phone Number changed
April 4, 06 ClassMatePostings Note from Richard Harris
April 4,06 Hidden Directory Updated address info for Ronnie Brasfield


Date Update Changes
Mar 21

Hidden Directory

Added contact info in Hidden Directory for Margarette Lantrip Lipford '66

Mar13 ClassMatePostings Proud Papa Mike Powell
Mar 9 -06 ClassMatePostings Update from Glen Sharpe in Ft. Lauderdale
Mar 5 -06 Favorite Stories Story -Ms Bridger
Feb 16-06 Roy Hallums Welcome Ricky Burks and classmates have guys out night with Roy


Date Update Changes

Favorite Links

Internet Links

Email us your favorite Internet pages which will be shared on this Page; where do you shop online, get travel info, business info, entertainment, news, retirement info, etc

Send to vorlonjb@yahoo.com or mjcdod@hotmail.com

2-10-06 ClassMates Just a reminder if you are a '69 classmate and want a CD with the full size photos of our 1969 Annual, just email Jimmy with your address and one will be sent to you.
1-25-2006 ClassMatePostings Greetings from Nancy Haynes Carr and Gene
1-25-2006 OtherSchools Added Link to 1983-1986 Frayser Reunion Photos --June 25, 2005
Jan 12-06 ClassmatePostings Photo of Randal & Billy Byrd


Date Update Changes

Favorite Links

Internet Links

Email us your favorite Internet pages which will be shared on this Page; where do you shop online, get travel info, business info, entertainment, news, retirement info, etc

Send to vorlonjb@yahoo.com or mjcdod@hotmail.com

2-10-06 ClassMates Just a reminder if you are a '69 classmate and want a CD with the full size photos of our 1969 Annual, just email Jimmy with your address and one will be sent to you.
1-25-2006 ClassMatePostings Greetings from Nancy Haynes Carr and Gene
1-25-2006 OtherSchools Added Link to 1983-1986 Frayser Reunion Photos --June 25, 2005
Jan 12-06 ClassmatePostings Photo of Randal & Billy Byrd

Date Update Changes
Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!!! I've been incapacitated for about 10 days fighting a kidney stone, which I have finally parted with. I've started mailing out the Newsletter to those of you who asked for a printed copy and this will take about 2 weeks. If you didn't ask for a printed Newsletter and want one, just let me know and make sure I have your correct address in the Hidden Directory. Thanks from Monty and I both, for all of you who participated in Creating the December 2005 Class of '69 Newsletter............Jimmy

12-12-05 Memoriam '66

Added Linda Manning Minga to Memoriam Page for Class of '66

12-11-05 Directory New address for Tommy Mills

If you know the address of the following or even the city, let Monty or me know...thx

Jaunice Gunter, Barbara Pendergrast, Cathy Peterson, Ronnie Cartwright, Linda Phyllis Flynn-Mrazek, Dennis Lewis, Judy Rayburn

12-08 Who has taken Survey?

If you have filled out the online form or mailed yours in, please check THIS PAGE and see if your name is here. It is all the surveys we have received by Dec 8th at 6pm; If your name isn't on the list Please resend information in email if you can by Dec 15th so we can include your info in the newsletter. Geocities has lost at least one of the surveys so far. If you include your email in the online or mailed survey, I will send you an note back that we got it.




Date Update Changes
Have we received your survey???

About 200+ survey forms have been mailed............you should have gotten one by now. If you didn't then we may have your address wrong. Send the form back, even if you don't have an update, just write your name and Hi or something on it and mail it back. This way Monty and I can keep our class update correctly and we want to know that you are still kickin' out there. You can click here to see who has sent us something back. The Frayser Class of '69 3rd Edition newsletter will be put on the class webpage on Christmas Day.

If you are a friend of the class, send us an update or greeting and we will include your info in our webpage version. Thanks

12-03-05 Hidden Directory

New email addresses for Joe Springer and Lana Rutledge-Robison

11-25-05 Hidden Directory New email address for Michael Powell
December Newsletter

The 1st 100 newsletter surveys were put in the mail this week; try and put theseback in the mail by Dec 15th. If you don't have an update, please just return the form with your name on it, so we can make sure your address is correct. Thx Monty & Jimmy

11-20-05 Memorium '66

Added Patricia Tippitt Criswell to Fallen Classmates Page


Date Update Changes
11-17-05 Classof '72 Memorium Added Photo of Mark Thompson sent from his sister Lisa
11-16-05 Request

If you have a photo of Mark Thompson(Joe's brother) or Nan Stegall, please scan it and forward to Jimmy at vorlonjb@yahoo.com

11-16-05 Class of '72 Memorium Maurice Cates sent update on passing of Nan Stegall of the Class of 72
December Newsletter FORM

Please send us an update on You, Your family, Grandkids, Pets,Hopes, Dreams etc. If you don't have an update or Greeting just type your name and hit SEMD on the form and we will know Not to Mail out a form to you. Everyone Participate in our yearly newsletter which gets larger each year, and we get many comments how nice it is to hear about each other. This year, we welcome Family and Friends of our Class to send in updates and greetings. We will get as many of these as possible into the Class newsletter. Try to get your update or Holiday Greeting in before Thanksgiving so we can send out forms only to those not Internet connected.

Thanks ---Jimmy & Monty

10-24-05 ClassmatePostings

Note from Gary McDonald and updated email address in Hidden Directory


Date Update Changes
10-15-05 Hidden Directory Jimmy Burk: new address and phone number in Lakeland;;; and computer is finally re-connected; We will be doing an on-line form for our Christmas 2005 RamPage newsletter in a couple weeks, so watch for this; those that don't send in an update will receive a letter form in the mail so that those not internet connected can participate...Jimmy
10-15-05 Roy Hallums

Photo and note from Susan Hallaums

10-15-05 ClassMatePostings Family Update from Betty Hodges Snyder
9-23-05 RoyHallumJr Article from Associate Press about 60 Minutes Interview
9-22-05 RoyHallumsJr

Leslie Stahl will be interviewing Roy (Hallums) on 60 minutes this Sunday.

Cheryl Downs Redmon


Date Update Changes
9-11-05 ClassMatePostings Memories of Bob Daughtery from Lewis Ray
9-10-05 Roy Hallums

Photo from Memphis Commercial Appeal: Roy Hallums boards jet for home.

9-7-05 ClassMatePostings GREAT News about Roy Hallums
9-7-05 Memoriam '69 Memories of Bob Snowden from Maurice Cates
9-01-05 Update on Joe

I contacted Joe Thompson to make sure he was ok on the coast, and received this reply:

I'm fine. going into day 6 without power. Bought a generator and evidently have phone service. I've probably lost around 15 lbs. due to the heat. I will be back on line around 6:00 if all holds up. Tired of eating beans and cereal. It could have been a whole lot worse. I consider myself lucky compared to most


Date Update Changes
8-22-05 1969 Annual Reminder: The 1969 Annaul is on line on the Main Page in a small version. If you are a '69 classmate, a CD of the annual is available to you for free with full size photos. Just contact Jimmy. If you want a full sized page emailed to you, also contact Jimmy.
8-22-05 Teachers

Story about Coach Foster on Rhodes College Atheletic Page

8-22-05 Hidden Directory Address change for Joe Thompson
8-22-05 Other Classes Memoriam section and Photos added from Terry Adams '71
8-21-05 Other Classes

Memoriam entry for Keith Davis '66

Date Update Changes
8-17-05 Roy Hallums

Please remember Roy the AMERICAN hostage in IRAQ !

Roy has been held hostage for more than 9 months please pray for his safe return. Carrie and I will be on Inside Edition today at 3:30pm Pac time it is a short segment to remind everyone we can that we strive every day for Roy to be remembered . We believe he is alive and will return home . It is in God's hands...please say a prayer that he is well today and he will be released immediately. God bless you Roy

Susan Hallums

8-16-05 Memoriam/ClassMate Postings Bob Daugherty: from Randal Byrd & Gary Harrison
8-11-05 Hidden Directory New email addresses for Coach Foster and Mitch McCracken
8-10-05 ClassMatePostings

Update from Michael Powell


Date Update Changes
8-7-05 OtherSchools Class of '67 WebPage
8-4-05 Memories Names submitted :Photo from 3rd Grade--Frayser Elementary-1961-62 from Marsha Terry Rider '71
7-28-05 ClassMatePostings Request from Mitch McCracken to support naming the Craigmont Radio Station for Mr. Hester
7-28-05 Memoriam Tribute to Mr. Hester in Memoriam section from Mitch McCracken
7-22-05 ClassMatePostings

Request from Lewis Ray:

Jimmy, the replica of the viet nam memorial is in town for the next three days. i would like to honor our fellow frayserites who fell in the war. i remember some of the guys. please submit a request of names so i can make sure that all get mentioned in the prayers. thanks
Lewis Ray/Karen Jones/ Epiphanies Books

NOTE: If you have info to send to Lewis, send email to vorlonjb@yahoo.com and I will send you Lewis' email...JimmyB


Date Update Changes
7-19-05 IndexHomePage

Added Google Map of Frayser High School from Space

7-19-05 Hidden Directory

Maurice Cates (1970) info added to 1970 directory and Hidden Directory

7-13-05 Memories Photo from 3rd Grade--Frayser Elementary-1961-62 from Marsha Terry Rider '71
7-12-05 ClassMate Postings Note from Maurice Cates --Class of 1970
7-7-05 Memories

Corrected Names on Jr High Football team 1966--added Sherman Reed & Barry Gallegos

Date Update Changes
7-5-05 Memorium Pages

Jimmy, here is a much better article on Sandy in the DeSoto section of
the Commercial Appeal....Karen Whitsett

7-3-05 Memorial Services

Sandra Campbell Services

Sandra Campbell Reid died on Sat. July 2.
Her visitation is July 4 from 6 to 8 at Forest Hill East Funeral Home.
Funeral services are Tuesday, July 5 at 12:00, Forest Hill East Funeral Home.

6-30-05 ClassMate Postings Photos from 1958 from Freddy Grinder
6-26-05 ClassMate Postings Note from Michael Powell & new email address in Hidden Directory
6-26-05 Roy Hallums

New Info from Memphis Commercial Appeal Article June 25th

Date Update Changes
6-24-05 Memories

Junior High Football Team of 1966--

6-24-05 Class of 1966 New Webpage for Class of '66 ReUnion by Alan Loew www.frayserhigh66.info
6-20-05 Class of 1965 Link to 2005 35th ReUnion Photos
6-17-05 Other Classes Added Directory and Sr Class Photos for Class of 66
6-11-05 ClassMate Postings

Webpage posted for Reunion for the class of 1966

Date Update Changes
6-10-05 ClassMate Postings

Photos of you'69 ers in the 8th Grade---the Year--->1965

6-7-05 Other Frayser Classes Added Directory of Class of 1965
6-7-05 Classmate Postings Class Photo from 1965 and New Class of 1965 Yahoo Group Page
6-7-05 Photo OF Week New addition Photos of classmates from previous years
5-20-05 Directory

Added Contact information to Directory for Jenny Hill Shepherd


Date Update Changes
ClassMate Postings

Graduation Announcement from Randal and Sherry Byrd

5-09-05 ClassMate Postings Note forwarded from Nancy Black-Shockley
4-27-05 ClassMate Postings Photo of Victoria Harris & Her Grandkids
4-22-05 Update Just wanted to pass along to you that one of our treachers from FHS passed away last week (Mr. Kenneth Mays). I don't have any information on where he was living. I do have the email address of Danny Mays (his son, Class of '66) if you need that. Also, Johnny Ashe ('67) just passed away within the last couple of weeks and Phyllis Wilson Horton ('66) passed away this past week. Thought you would like to have this information for the webpage.

Margarette Lantrip Lipford (FHS '66)

4-22-05 Update

Shelia Self's husband Richard ( Rick) Henderson died of a heart attack on Friday, March 25. He was employed with LGW. Shelia has retired from teaching. Her last position was at Northaven.



Date Update Changes

Info on Carol Drobeck's Mom, Article from Memphis Commercial Appeal

4-18-05 ClassMatePostings Congratulations - Award to Glen Reed
4-15-05 Update Mrs. Drobeck: It's in the paper today. Services at 4:00 on 4/26 at Church of the River. Remember she was our librarian and of course, Carol and Bruce's mother. ---Monty
4-15-05 Memoriam I got word this morning from Danny Mays that Mr. Mays passed away at his home in Deanburg, TN. He was 81. Funeral Services will be at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, April 15th at The Leon Johnson Funeral Home in Henderson, TN. Visitation is tonight. --Brenda Grinder 4-15-05
4-15-05 Memories

Article on SIVAD by John Beifuss of the Commercial Appeal 3-29-05

Article on SIVAD by Bill Dries of the Commercial Appeal 3-25-05

Third article by John Beifuss of the Commercial Appeal


Date Update Changes
4-13-05 ClassMatePostings

New Liquor Warning Labels from Monty

4-13-05 ClassMatePostings New Offspring Darryl Long
4-13-05 ClassMatePostings New Offspring Michael Powell
4-13-05 ClassMatePostings Archive set up
3-29-05 Memories

Article on SIVAD by John Beifuss of the Commercial Appeal 3-29-05

Article on SIVAD by Bill Dries of the Commercial Appeal 3-25-05


Date Update Changes
3-25-05 Memories

Article on death and career of Watson Davis (SIVAD) by Bill Dries: Commercial Appeal

3-23-05 ClassMate Postings Forwarded note from Gary Coughlan
3-23-05 Hidden Directory Updated info Ron Hall
3-18-05 Mr. Hester Article on Mr. Hester forwarded by Gary Coughlan
3-18-05 ClassMate Postings New grand-daughter for Cheryl Downs Redmon


Date Update Changes
3-18-05 Memoriam

Page with tributes for Mr. John Hester

3-16-05 Mr.Hester Memorial From Commercial Appeal, March 16, 2005

John Robert Hester, 70, of Spalding, England, formerly of Memphis, retired teacher for Frayser and Craigmont high schools after 39 years, died March 2 in Spalding. Services will be at 10 a.m. Friday at Memorial Park Funeral Home with burial in Hillcrest Cemetery in Fulton, Miss. He was a member and organist of Frayser Baptist Church and former organist for Independent Presbyterian and Farmington Presbyterian churches. He leaves a brother, William Kenneth Hester of Germantown. The family requests that any memorials be sent to Southwoods Baptist Missionary Fund or a charity of the donor's choice

3-16-05 ClassMatePostings Tributes to Mr. Hester from Judy Helm Warren and Marsha Terry
3-14-05 ClassMate Postings Memories of Mr. Hester from Mitch McCracken
3-13-05 ClassMate Postings Note from Judy Helm Warren concerning Mr. Hester


Date Update Changes
3-12-05 Hidden Directory

Updated address and email for David LittleJohn

3-12-05 ClassmatePostings Joe Thompson's a granddaddy again
3-3-05 Hidden Directory New address Jeannine Paulus-Scrip, corrected email David Creasy
2-25-05 ClassMatePostings Note from Michael Powell
3-03-05 Update Missing Addresses or have bad emails for the following: Chris Ruess, Mike McCune, Lewis Ray, Richard Manning,Allen Wilson, Charles Thompson, Sam Phillips, Susan Goforth-Brown, Charlotte Rackley James


Date Update Changes


2/20/05 ClassmatePostings Some fun sites to go and see if you aren't busy
Roy Hallums Jr New website freeroy.net Thank you for your concerns and prayers
2/10/05 Hidden Directory New email for Mary McClusky-Winnett and short note on classmate postings
2/6/05 ClassMatePostings Note from Gary Crabtree
Date Update Changes
2/4/05 Roy Hallums Jr

Email from Donnie Davenport about Roy; and updated email address for Donnie in the Hidden Directory Page

2/04/05 Other Frayser Classes If you have a ReUnion being planned and want a splash Page, let us know and we will be happy to Post information about your ReUnion to get Message out
2/04/05 Roy Hallums Jr Postings by Gary Coughlan
2/04/05 Roy Hallums Jr A special page set up for Roy Hallums Jr, due to number of posts, link is below the photo of the class on the main Page: ROY HALLUMS
2/04/05 Classmate Postings Hey, if YOU are on this LIST, we can't get thru to you on Email!!!
Let me or Monty know what your current email address or alias is….
If you are hiding from the government, a former wife or husband, or are in the CIA, send some type cryptic note, we like to know you are still among us…thx..Jimmy

David Creasy ,Amory Forrester, Chris Ruess, Mike McCune, Lewis Ray, Richard Manning,Allen Wilson Charles THompson, Jeanine Paullus Scrip, Sam Phillips
Feb 4, 2005

Date Update Changes
2/3/05 ClassMate Postings

Note from Donnie Davenport

2/2/05 Classmate Postings Note from Joyce Kachenovich Wright
2/2/05 Guest Book Moved and archived Guest Book to Here
2/2/05 Update Story about Roy Hallums Jr
2/2/05 Hidden Directory Updated email from Barbara Dixon Lamey Class of 1970


Date Update Changes
1/31/05 ClassMate Postings

Note from Roy Hallums daughter to the Class

1/27/05 ClassMate Postings Info on Roy Hallums from Rita and Tom Dunagan
1/26/05 Classmate Postings Inquiry from Mike Messer about Iraq Hostage Roy Hallums; he lived previously in Memphis and Mike is asking if he attended Frayser and for prayers for him and family
1/20/05 Classmate Postings Update from Doug Pilant
1/17/2005 Class 1970 Directory Address of Robert Lantrip updated


Date Update Changes
1/01/05 ClassmatePostings

Update from Betty Hodges Snyder

1/01/05 Hidden Directory Updated address Betty Hodges; new email from Bruce Lamey
12/27/04 ClassMatePostings Photo of Sam Phillips from article in Dec 24, 2004 Memphis Business Journal
12/27/04 Memoriam Tribute to Mark Hill from his sister, Jennifer Shepherd


Date Update Changes
12/26/04 Hidden Directory

Updated email for James "Sonny" Hanks

12/25/05 Class Newsletter Class Newsletter Posted to the Webpage
12/25/04 Hidden Directory Update info for Mike Price and Linda Vick-Horst
12/22/04 Hidden Directory New email for Lewis Ray


Date Update Changes
12/21/04 Update

Doug Jones asked that the following be posted:

Arrangements for Mark Thompson
North Ridge Funeral Chapel, Millington TN 38053 Phone: 901-872-3375
Visitation: 1pm Thursday Dec 23
Memorial Service: 3pm Thursday Dec 23

Would you do me a small favor? Mark Thompson,Joe's younger brother,died Saturday morning. Funeral arrangements are not final at this time. However,I would like to get the word out to as many people as possible.
I think Mark was in the Frayser Class of 71. Maybe Monte or some of the other 69ers might know of Marks old friends.
Mark had been waiting for a liver transplant. Mark was very optimistic about his future. Its all very painful.
If anyone makes an inquiry,I can be reached at 624-3604 or cell 550-2767. I'll send another
email with funeral arrangements later.

thx and Happy New Year----------Doug

12/21/04 Update Class '68 David Davidson address info updated


Date Update Changes
12/16/04 Classmate Postings

Subject: December 16th: Put those SURVEY's IN THE MAIL....or drop monty or jimmy an email

Updates or Surveys have been returned by Qung Go, Richard Harris, Robert Brandon, Glen Sharpe, Marybelle Harpster, Dennis Lewis, Sandra Crook, Mike Price, David Cartwright, Linda Vick Horst,
Norma Wooten Miller, Sam Phillips ,Joe Thompson, Daryl Long, Brenda Cotton Grinder, Linda Reece-Young , Ben Sanders, Jimmy Burk, Monty Cole and Mike Messer to date.

GET YOURS IN for the DEC 2004 Rams NewsLetter!!!

The following have new addresses, and Live somewhere UNKNOWN to US. If
you know how to contact any of these let us know.

Janet Calliham, Kathy Camp, Dennis Briggs, Betty Bradley, Fred Bradley,
Tommie Gunter, Allen Wilson, Linda Phyllis Flynn Mrazek, Elizabeth Jean
Aiken Burnette, Judy Lynn Deacon, Judy Raburn, Dwaine Lynn Rose

We have bad emails for : Allen Wilson, Sam Phillips, David Creasy, Lewis Ray, Mike McCune --if you see or talk to them, tell them to send us their new email address...thx

12/15/04 Hidden Directory New Address for Linda Reece-Young
12/14/04 Hidden Directory New email address for Glen Sharpe
12/10/04 Hidden Directory New Addresses for Joe Thompson and Mike Messer


Date Update Changes
12/08/04 Hidden Directory

New emails for Monty Cole Duncan and Cheryl Downs Redmon

12/06/04 ClassMate Postings New email for Monty Cole Duncan:
12/04/04 ClassMatePostings Link to old Frayser Map, sent in by Randal Byrd's brother
  Hidden Directory Update address for Norma Wooten Miller


Date Update Changes
11/24/04 ClassMatePostings

Thanksgiving email from Mike Messer

11/24/04 Dec NewsLetter

Copy of Survey mailed out to you for our December Newsletter Update

11/23/04 DecNewsLetter

List of those who returned Surveys and List of Bad Addresses

11/21/04 DecNewsLetter

Surveys for the class December Newsletter are mailed. You should get these within the week. You can also send info in with an email to Monty or Jimmy. Some of you MAY get two surveys since some may have been addressed twice. For those of you of who may be having a slow day when you get them....YOU ONLY FILL OUT ONE of the surveys,,,but you can do 2 if you must.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL ..................JimmyBurk


Date Update Changes
11/09/04 Hidden Directory

Updated Address for Brenda Miller Beeman

11/05/04 ClassMatePostings Darryl Long is a Grandfather Again...Congratulations Darryl


Date Update Changes
11/03/04 Classmate Postings

Photo of Donna Prescott's Daughter

Hidden Directory

New Email for Donna Prescott Lynch

11/02/04 ClassMate Postings Coach Foster Inducted into Rhodes College Athletics HALL OF FAME
  Newsletter REQUEST for Information!!!

Send in your Information for our December 2004 Class Newsletter!!!!!!!

2003 Class Newsletter


Date Update Changes
10/22/04 Hidden Directory

Updated email Address from Gary Coughlan



Date Update Changes
10/21/04 Classmate Postings

Bio from Brenda Miller Beeman from Texas.....

10/12/04   Don Tummins and Community Support; Story from the Bartlett Times


Date Update Changes
10/10/04 Classmate Postings

Frayser Humor Photo sent to Cheryl Downs from her sister from Ken Uselton

10/08/04   Info from Brenda Miller Beeman in Texas
Date Update Changes
9/30/04 Classmate Postings

Posting From Sherman Reed who is riding out all the Hurricanes; sorry for late posting,,Jimmy has been in NYC for the past week

9/23/04 Classmate Postings Terrible IVAN Photos submitted by Joe Thompson
Date Update Changes
9/3/04 Classmate Postings

Karen CHalk WHitsett on FoodTV Network Sunday, Sept. 5 at 4:30 CT

8/24/03 Classmate Postings Jimmy & his Miata
Date Update Changes
8/04/04 Directory

Directory and Hidden Directory Updated: Linda Gibson contact info

8/03/04 ClassMate Posting Coach Foster gets an award!!!! congratulations Coach
Date Update Changes
7/26/04 ClassMate Posting

Randy Byrd

7/23/04 ClassMate Posting Posting by Karen-Chalk Whitsett who appeared on a Bobby Flay cooking tv segement
    Posting by Barbara Dixon Lamey
Date Update Changes
7/16/04 ReUnion Photos

More ReUnion Photos submitted by Kaye Phillips


Date Update Changes
7/08/04 Updates

No updates to Class Webpage till July 16th due to vacation; send any changes to Monty or Jimmy and they will be posted next week

7/06/04 Classmate Postings Photo of Nancy Black Shockley at Sun Studios submitted by Monty Cole


Date Update Changes
7/01/04 Hidden Directory

New address for Michael and Carol Powell

  Congratulations Congratulations to Leon Moreland ('68) who retired from FedEx after many many years; Best wishes to Leon and Rita (Ford)
  Have a Good One

Happy July 4th Weekend to Everyone!!!


Date Update Changes
6/23/04 New Class Photos

4 Photos submitted by Photographer Bill Harbin

6/22/04 Class Photo 35th Template Photo map with easier numbers to identify each other....let us know if the name with your photo is Incorrect.
  Classmate Postings Note from Elbert in Belieze


Date Update Changes
6/15/04 Class Photo 35th ReUnion

Bill Harbin provided a copy of the class photo to put on the Web. These photos are in the mail for those that signed up to get one. They were $10 a piece and contact info is listed on this webpage.



Date Update Changes
6/08/04 Memoriam 1971


Greg West



Date Update Changes
6/02/04 Table Photos Names added to Faces in Table Photos
5/31/04 Teacher Photos Added photo of Coach Foster and wife Linda, from his 40th Class ReUnion


Date Update Things You Can Do
5//26/04 Frayser Message Board


to go to the Message Board go to frayser.proboards20.com

for information on how to use the frayser message board, click HERE

There are sections for info on finding classmates, WORK, TRAVEL, and a place to put info about yourself or your many Offspring

  Photos IF you want a Photo CD with the master files of photos from the ReUnion, see Info below
  Your Bio's Send in your bios or updates on what you are doing to either the Message board, or in an email to Monty or Jimmy mjcdod@hotmail.com or vorlonjb@yahoo.com
  Comments-35th If you have comments or suggestions about the 35th ReUnion or for the upcoming 40th ReUnion send those to the FRAYSER MESSAGE BOARD or to Monty/Jimmy
  ReUnion Photo Titles If you see a Photo and want to put a title on it; send to Jimmy/Monty
  Individual Photos If you want individual photos @ 2meg or 3 meg, send those requests to Jimmy and I will email them to you; Likewise if we don't have a photo of you or your family, send those in.
  Thanks from Coach Dossett Foster

Drop Coach Foster a note...

The following is an excerpt from a letter from Coach Dossett Foster thanking the class for inviting him to the Class of '69 ReUnion. If you get a chance, drop Coach Foster an email at dossettfoster@mindspring.com and thank him for coming. We were all happy to see him and Ms. Townsend again.

"However, I want to congratulate you and the Committee on the best planned and executed reunion I have ever experienced. I don't say this because you honored me, but it seemed to be good for all who were there. The arrangements, the entertainment, the special activities, the music were all just exceptional. So, this wasn't just a class reunion but a "Class Act" in every respect. You all did everything you could possibly do to make this a memorable occasion, and it certainly was for me, and, I would think for all class members and spouses as well."

Coach Dossett Foster


Date Update Changes
5//21/04 Photos Photos Photos

At the next/final/last Reunion meeting I'm bringing my Laptop with all the photos on it, and the Committee will spend some time identifying all the people in the photos, putting their names on them...and any funny titles you can think of.

If anyone on the Net has suggestions for titles send to me in the next week(by May 28th).

Most of the photos submitted were 2 megapixel or 3 megapixels pictures. If anyone finds a ReUnion photo on the webpage, that they would like the larger file sent to them(versus the smaller version posted to the web), just email me and I will email you the master.

There will be a Frayser ReUnion CD which will have all the ReUnion Photos on the Web, and the master photos which you can print at 5x7's or 8x10's if you have a color printer. These will be indexed in files like TABLE1 TABLE2 etc. so you will need a photo editor, which usually comes with windows.

These CD's will hopefully be available by June 15th. If anyone would like one, send $4 to cover making the cd, packaging and postage to:

Jimmy Burk
49 Redditt Road
Cordova, TN 38018

I'll send you an email when these are put into the mail.

Again if you just want some of the large photos emailed to you, those don't cost you anything....and Don Davidson,,you have already paid for a CD, so don't send more money

Thanks,Jimmy Burk


Date Update Changes
5//17/04 Frayser Message Board

to go to the Message Board go to frayser.proboards20.com

for information on how to use the frayser message board, click HERE


Date Update Changes
5//12/04 Information

Stanley Grissom's step-father, Hugh Ross passed away Monday evening. Please keep Stanley and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Stan's stepfather Hugh A. Ross arrangements are:
Viewing/Visitation Wednesday 4:00 - 8:00 p m. 5/12/04
Shackelford Funeral Home - Bolivar, Tn.
Funeral Thursday 2:00 p.m. 5/13/04
Boliver Memorial Cemetary

Stan and daughter Amanda (21) live at 1923 Driftwood - Memphis - 38127
His Mother's name is Patty Ross

---Info sent by Wes Phillips


Date Update Changes
5//10 Information

Stanley Grissom's step-father, Hugh Ross passed away Monday evening. Please keep Stanley and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Information Belz Enterprises announced last week that they were demolishing the Ridgeway Inn to make space for an office complex. Belz wanted to remodel the hotel rooms but decided it was better business to build offices in that location. We were probably the last high school reunion to be held in that location.
ReUnion Photos If anyone has a photo of Nancy Black Shockley singing at our ReUnion, please send it to jgburk@bellsouth.net;


Date Update Changes
5//09 ReUnion Photos

Tables1, 2 ,4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15 & 16 Photos Up

All Cameras that had photos are now posted as of 5/9/2004

  Classmate Postings Updated photo of Kiley from Jeannine Paullus Scrip
  Classmate Update Michael Powell called today to say he really appreciated the card the class sent him. He is recovering well from having another stint put into him. He hoped to be RV'ng around the country pretty soon and may get to stop in Memphis.


Date Update Changes
5/02/04 Friday ReUnionPhotos

All Friday Nite Photos sent to me have been Posted. If you have any you would like on the webpage send them on

Sat ReUnion Photos

Saturday Photos are on the ReUnion WebPage

Linda Shockley If anyone has a photo of Linda Black Shockley performing, please email it to jgburk@bellsouth.com; so I can post it under the Entertainment section of the Reunion pages
Message Board I'm experimenting with a Message board, and hope to have one up within the next 2-3 weeks; you will have to sign up(free) and there is some advertising, but it will be a closed group for out class to exchange thoughts, memories etc
  Hidden Directory Email address change: Qung Wing Go
ReUnion Photos A whole Lot of Photos are being posted to the ReUnion Photo Page. These have not been analyzed for accuracy. If a Photo doesn't show you at your best, let me know and it will be deleted. Of course if you look better in the Photo than you do in Real Life, it's your call if it stays or not. For those few guys out there who may look hideous in Photos, as Jimmy sometimes does...for a fee or a favor, I can retouch and transform those photos to make you look less hideous......
  ReUnion Memories Under ReUnion Thanks & Memories, instructions for Greg Grinder on utilization of the little Ram, or what not to do...


Date Update Changes
4/27/04 Hidden Directory

John Lyons email address has changed

  ReUnion Page

New Page of ReUnion Photos

Send your commentsand memories about the reunion to either Monty at mjcdod@hotmail.com or Jimmy at vorlonjb@yahoo.com; send photos to jgburk@bellsouth.net for posting to the Frayser class Webpage


Date Update Changes
4/22/04 Tomorrow Nite!

OK it's Time, See you all Friday Nite at the Grinders homeplace!!!

  Class of 70 Peggy Sue Woodard-Tryon info updated


Date Update Changes
4/21/04 SurveyResults

Correction: Karen Chalk-Whitsett added back to list

    Latest ReUnion Info for Friday and Saturday Nights

Michael Powell and Robert Brandon sent word that they are going to miss the ReUnion


For those checking in to the Hotel on Friday, and are going to the Get-To-Gether at Greg and Nancy's house at Eads, if you need to follow someone contact Jimmy at vorlonjb@yahoo.com or 755-5876; remember there is a hospitality room at the hotel, hopefully supplied with etables.

Just fyi, anyone who was going to decorate or arrange things for the Saturday Nite Banquet, the hall will not be available until 4:30pm

  Directory Qung Wing Go is going to attend the ReUnion
  ClassmatePostings Photos submitted by Randy Byrd
Date Update Changes
4/18/04 Directory

Jane Irby-Milton('67) & Gene attending the ReUnion

    Latest ReUnion Info for Friday and Saturday Nights
Date Update Changes
4/16/04 It's Next Week!!

SIX (6) Days and counting down--- We are almost There!!!!!


Qung Wing Go will be able to attend the ReUnion from Wheaton Il

Mike Messer Attending the ReUnion

John Lyons coming from Knoxville Tennessee to attend the ReUnion

    Due to Business training conflict, Ben Sanders will be unable to attend.
  ClassmatePostings Photo Memory posted by Joe Thompson
    Latest ReUnion Info for Friday and Saturday Nights
  ClassmatePostings Delano Fifth Grade Photo-----One more name for the list --Greg Oswalt-- is the very blonde boy in the first row. His Dad owned the filling station next to the Big Star Grocery at the corner of Delano and James Rd. The station closed in the early 60's and he went to Tresvant High School.
Thanks for the hard work everyone is doing. I have been in business travel for the last 6 weeks and it is fun to catch up on the web page between trips.
Thanks again,
Karen King
Date Update Changes
4/15/04 ClassmatePostings

Photo Memory posted by Joe Thompson

4/13/04 Directory

Mike Messer Attending the ReUnion

John Lyons coming from Knoxville Tennessee to attend the ReUnion

    Due to Business training conflict, Ben Sanders will be unable to attend.
    Latest ReUnion Info for Friday and Saturday Nights
Date Update Changes
4/12/04 Bestmemories Frayser Ribbon submitted by Alan Ray Burk
  Coming Janice Deas is attending the Class ReUnion
4/10   Latest ReUnion Info for Friday and Saturday Nights
    Frayser Girls a Cruise-Photo submitted by Brenda Cotton-Grinder
    Photos from Brenda Cotton Grinder from the 60's
    Photo posted by Wes Phillips- 12th grade


Date Update Changes
4/7/04 News Latest ReUnion Info for Friday and Saturday Nights
  Hidden Directory Address and phone number change for Pam Pannell-Start
  ClassmatePostings Photo Submitted by Debbie Mills-Upchurch
Date Update Changes
4/6/04 Classmate Postings

Fifth Grade, Delano School, Memory from the Past

4/5/04 Memoriam Fallen classmate info: Jackie Roser Kitchen sent in by Brenda Grinder
  Classmate Postings What has Elbert Greer been doing???
Date Update Changes
4/3/04 Directory

Chad & Tina Scott Attending

  Friday Night At the Friday Nite Reception at Greg and Nancy Grinder's home BYOB; sodas will be provided.
  Directions Directions to Gregs home posted here!!! See you Friday April 23rd
  MAP Map to Gregs House for Friday Nite event
Date Update Changes
3/31/04 Directory

Bruce Lamey coming to the Reunion; Steve Burk '70 and Gloria Simmonss-Burk '72 attending

  Friday Night At the Friday Nite Reception at Greg and Nancy Grinder's home BYOB; sodas will be provided.
  Directions Directions to Gregs home posted here!!! See you Friday April 23rd
  Directory Don & Helen(Barrett) Anderson coming to the ReUnion from Somerville TN


Date Update Changes
3/29/04 Classmate Postings

Linda & Andy Black

  Classmate Postings Photo from Jr Achievement submitted by Jeannine Paullus Scrip
  Photos Now III Updated


Date Update Changes
3/24/04 HiddenDirectory

Kip McFarland: New Phone Number, New email

  Photos Class '70 Photo posted by Barbara Dixon Lamey
3/22/04 Directory Updated Info from Sheila McFarland -Council
  Survey Sheila McFarland-Council coming, Dennis Lewis coming, Ron Hall '68 is coming to the REUNION


Date Update Changes
3/17/04 UPdates

Due to Vacation, the WebPage will next be updated on Tuesday March 23rd; Continue to send your stories, news, photos and info to Monty at mjcdod@hotmail.com or Jimmy at vorlonjb@yahoo.com and we will get them posted. Have a great week!!!

  Classmate Postings Memories of John Stetz & Jerry Hicks & Memphis Bands from Ron Hall


Date Update Changes
3/15/04 Directory

Howard & Gretchen Malone Info added

Hidden Directory Marybelle Ayers Harpster -email updated; Gary Crabtree-new email
SurveyResults 145 classmates guests and teachers Attending!!!!
  Golf?? Want to Golf with Gary Crabtree and other classmates? CLICK HERE
  Cutoff Need your checks in by April 3rd
  Classmate Postings Kip McFarland and Andy Black submittals
  Directory Updated address for Allen Wilson


Date Update Changes
3/07/04 Directory70

Barbara Dixon Lamey info added


To Play Golf with some Frayserites Click Here

Roster: Gary Crabtree, Mike Messer, Robert Brandon, Allen Wilson, Bruce Lamey, J.R. Lamey

SurveyResults 145 classmates guests and teachers Attending!!!!
  Cutoff for Reunion We must have your checks by April 3rd, in order for the Food and Entertainment Committee to commit to the Hotel for Food and Drink; Send checks to Linda Johnston Black and let her know the check is in the Mail!!!! Thanks
  Classmate Postings Mike Messer Frayser Emblem in honor of all Survivors
  ClassmatePostings Photos submitted by Nancy Haynes Carr


Date Update Changes
3/06/04 Directory

Charles Thompson Spouse name added

Memoriam Quote sent in by Joe Thompson
SurveyResults 145 classmates guests and teachers Attending!!!!
  Cutoff for Reunion We must have your checks by April 3rd, in order for the Food and Entertainment Committee to commit to the Hotel for Food and Drink; Send checks to Linda Johnston Black and let her know the check is in the Mail!!!! Thanks
  Classmate Postings Mike Messer Frayser Emblem in honor of all Survivors

Date Update Changes
3/4/04 Calling Golfers

I would like to know if anyone would like to play golf Saturday morning(April 24th). It would be fun to get together and play a round of golf with old friends from school.
Gary Crabtree (click here for Roster)

Send contact info to vorlonjb@yahoo.com and it will be forwarded to Gary who will contact you.


Other Schools We've started a directory listing for other classes. If you want your address,phone,email or other information posted; or to send in a class posting; send to vorlonjb@yahoo.com
Photos III New Photos submitted on March 4th
  Classmate Posting New Photos posted by Nancy (Haynes) Carr & Family & updated address
Date Update Changes
2/25/04 ClassmatePostings

Info on Bonnie Cannon '68 from Randal Byrd/Info on Memorial Service

  TO DO At our February ReUnion Meeting it was suggested that we start a
"Top Ten Reasons: Why I Attended Frayser High"

So, for the webpage and for the ReUnion send in any funny or serious
reasons why you attended Frayser...............

We will announce these at the ReUnion on April 23-24 and then post
to the WebPage. This is open to anyone who attended our illustrious

Send to Vorlonjb@yahoo.com


  Other Schools

As a service to other classes, close to the class of '69 we are going to add a new page for classes 67 68 70 and 71; Click on 'Other Classes' to go to this page.

The following information is planned:

-Directory of your addresses and email info
-Memoriam page for each class
-photos you send in
-Postings to your class

This may take some time to update, but you can forward any info your address info to vorlonjb@yahoo.com if you would like it posted.

  SurveyResults 143 Classmates Guests and Teachers Attending!!!!!
  Hidden Directory Updated Address Kip McFarland; added Bonnie (Skinner) Hagemeyer('68) and Norman Hagemeyer('62); Barbara Dixon-Lamey and J.R.
Date Update Changes
2/21/04 ReUnion Photos

Past ReUnion photo Listings

Other Schools Listings from Other Schools: Majority of Listings from the Kingsbury Alumni Website
SurveyResults 139 classmates guests and teachers Attending!!!!


Date Update Changes
2/18/04 Directory

Vickie Harris coming from Nashville; Paula Perser Szeigis coming; Mary Jane Johnson Crabtree coming; Connie King Berggren('70) coming; Bonnie King Kelley ('70) coming; Jeanine Paullus Scrip coming

Hidden Directory Bio from Karen King Tinkle
SurveyResults 139 classmates guests and teachers Attending!!!!


Date Update Changes
2/17/04 Directory

Don Davidson Coming; Ronnie Wells coming

Hidden Directory Bio from Gary Crabtree; Updated Address for Don Davidson ; Updated address for Ronnie Wells
SurveyResults 132 classmates guests and teachers Attending!!!!


Date Update Changes
2/16/04 Survey

Karen King Tinkle and RP Coming; David Cartwright Coming, Andy and Cheryl(Lowe) Kitchens are Coming, Carlos Rodriquez is Coming, Lindy Camp Hannah is Coming; Lewis Ray sends word that he is Probably coming

Linda Reece Coming, Marybelle Ayers Harpster coming; Maurice Buring coming; Mike Messer coming

130 Classmates, Guests and Teachers attending!!!!

Classmate Postings Note to Monty from Linda Redden-Riggs on the ReUnion; Doug Jones Message; Photos from the February Reunion Committee Meeting
Classmate Info Updates If you need to update your address, phone, email information send to Jimmy at vorlonjb@yahoo.com or Monty at mjcdod@hotmail.com
  Latest ReUnion Information Information posted from the February 2004 ReUnion Committee Meeting


Date Update Changes
2/10/04 Survey

Linda Reece Coming, Marybelle Ayers Harpster coming; Maurice Buring coming; Mike Messer coming

121 Classmates, Guests and Teachers attending!!!!

Updates Jimmy is out of town Wednesday Thru Friday; Send in your stories, memories and updated information, it will be posted Saturday morning
Classmate Info Updates If you need to update your address, phone, email information send to Jimmy at vorlonjb@yahoo.com or Monty at mjcdod@hotmail.com
  Latest ReUnion Information Information posted from the February 2004 ReUnion Committee Meeting


Date Update Changes
2/9/04 Memoriam

Info on Mr. Robey; memory of Mr Robey by Keith Gray & Jimmy Burk

Survey If you have any trouble sending in the online survey,,just send the info in an email to vorlonjb@yahoo.com and it will be posted.
Classmate Info Updates If you need to update your address, phone, email information send to Jimmy at vorlonjb@yahoo.com or Monty at mjcdod@hotmail.com


Date Update Changes
2/7/04 HiddenDirectory

Bio: Nancy Black-Shockley; Donna Prescott Lynch; Robert Brandon; also under classmate postings; new email address for Rita Dunagan-Goforth

SurveyResults 118 classmates coming including Coach Foster and Ms Townsend ; David Cartwright is coming
Classmate Postings New Page for latest stories posted from Classmates

Class of 1968 Group Picture....the Older Generation....

Class of 1967 Group Picture...the even Older Generation...

  Index Class of 1969 25th Reunion Picture added
  PhotosNowII Updated: New Photos


Date Update Changes
2/5/04 PhotosNowII

New Picture Posted---Fact of Fiction???

Hidden Directory New bio sent from Ben Sanders. Please send in a short biography of what you are doing, who you work for or wisdom you have learned on your journey the last 35 years....
Classmate Postings New Page for latest stories posted from Classmates


Date Update Changes
2/3/04 Directory

Please check the directory to see if your payment has been posted. Under the PAID column there will be one or two $ signs if your check has been received. Let us know if you have sent a check and it doesn't show on the page.

Hidden Directory New bio sent from Nancy Haynes Carr. Please send in a short biography of what you are doing, who you work for or wisdom you have learned on your journey the last 35 years....


Date Update Changes
1/31/04 Favorite Teachers

New Memory submitted by Betty Hodges Snyder

Photos Page II New Classmates Photo
Date Update Changes
1/30/04 Memoriam

Memories of John Stetz from Randal Byrd

Please submit your memories of teachers and classmates to share!!

SurveyResults 114 Classmates and Guests confirmed
Hidden Directory Lewis Jolly coming from Lacey's Spring Alabama!
Date Update Changes
1/29/04 Hidden Directory

Randy Byrd phone# corrected; Ms Townsend& Coach Dossett Foster confirmed as attending; Jimmy Dale Pittman coming!!

SurveyResults 112 Classmates and Guests confirmed
Other School Webpages Link to Kingsbury Alumni Webpage index to other Memphis Schools


Date Update Changes
1/28/04 Directory

Updated: Gary Crabtree coming, Randy Byrd coming,,,,Mike Powell a Maybe, Debbie-Gray Landry coming

SurveyResults 108 Classmates and Guests confirmed


Date Update Changes
1/26/04 Directory

Updated: Chris Reuss coming, Keith Gray coming, Glen Sharpe Coming, Jimmy Gammon coming, Richard Manning coming, Coach Dossett Foster coming....

Survey Results 106 Classmates and Guests signed up so far
Hidden Directory Corrected Zip code: Glen Sharpe


Date Update Changes
1/24/04 Directory

Updated: Checks are coming in, Thanks to all; if you can't get your payment in by January 31st, just let one of the ReUnion Committee members know that you are still coming.

Hotel Info Be Sure to book your hotel room by April 1st for your discount. If you have a problem getting the $79 rate at the Ridgeway Inn, let us know.
Out of Town Classmates If you are coming from out of town, and need any info; call or email JimmyBurk and he will be glad to help you.
  Things to Do Lastest Reunion Info
  Hidden Directory Updated info: Nancy Haynes-Carr


Date Update Changes
1/20/04 Hidden Directory

Updated Address: Gary Crabtree

Index Message from Doug Jones!!!
Index Blue Light Specials: Courtesy of Monty's Historical Archives
  Index Click Message from Monty: Poem about Reunions at bottom of page


Date Update Changes
1/15/04 Photos II

New Classmate Photos

1/14/03 Memoriam Comments Ronnie Scates added


Date Update Changes
1/13/04 Questions

Three Mystery Photos

Photos II Now Blue Light Special Photo Added
ReUnion Update Special Attraction: The Strayfers will perform at our Saturday Night Event!!!


Date Update Changes
1/12/04 Hidden Directory

Map to Greg Grinders Home: Click on DIRECTIONS TO GRINDERS HOME

Question of Month Two new mystery photos
1/10/04 Hidden Directory Info updated: Dennis Lewis Phone number corrected

Hidden Directory


Many of you have asked what happened to classmates who have passed away. Monty and I discussed and there is a now a link on the Hidden Directory which has some information on our classmates. If you have other information to share to update this, please forward to mjcdod@hotmail.com or vorlonjb@yahoo.com and we will update.
If any information that is posted is deemed personal please let us know
and we will delete that information. Thanks for your help....Jimmy
1/9/04 Hidden Directory Info/Bio on Robert Brandon and Kip McFarland
Directory Marybelle-Ayers Harpster coming to the ReUnion

Update: 101 classmates and guests confirmed attending as of Jan 9th;;;;Check the Directory and see if you have a Letter by your name; if not, then let us know if you will be able to attend the ReUnion =coming M=not sure yet C=Can't attend

Biographies On the Hidden Directory Page, click on name to go to biography page;;;;; send in your bio and a picture if you haven't yet sent one in

Things to DO


1. Let us Know you are coming!!!!

2. Get your Hotel reservation set: info in Newsletter Page

3. Send in stories and bios and pictures to share

4. Let us Know you are coming!!!





Date Update Changes
1/7 Directory/Hidden

New Email address for David Everett

Directory Coming: Malcom and Kathy McIntosh from Oklahoma City
Coming: David Creasy & Linda
Coming: Phil Long & Sandy
Coming: Nancy Haynes Carr and Gene
Directory Found: Fred Bradley/AddressUpdated
  Directory Found: Marybelle Ayers Harpster/Address Updated
  Photos II Photo of Chris Ruess from New Zealand
  Index Photo of 10 or 15 year ReUnion sent in by Nancy Haynes Carr
  Where Are We Map Updated


Date Update Changes
1/2/04 Directory/Hidden

Updated Info: Phillip Long

Survey Results Updated


Date Update Changes
12/30 Directory/Hidden

Verna Hendricks is coming to the ReUnion

Memoriam Nice Memorial posted about Ms. Clarke from classmates.com
Favorite Teachers JANIE RICE 1973: nice comments about Coach Foster(from classmates.com)
Favorite Teachers Randy Byrd 1969: comments about Mr. Hester and Ernie Pierce(classmates.com)
Best Memories TONIE PARKER 1974 : comments about Sgt Major Mancuso(classmates.com
Favorite Teachers VENICA ANDERSON 1985: comments about Mr. Foster, Mr Farrow and Coach Taylor (classmates.com)


Date Update Changes
12/28 Directory/Hidden

Updated Info: Diana Newton Reed

Survey Results Updated


Date Update Changes
12/26 Directory/Hidden

Updated Info: Nancy Black Shockley

Photos Now II Photo posted of Becky and Sherman Reed: Christmas 2003
Survey Results Updated


Date Update Changes

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you All!!!!

Survey Results Updated
Hidden Directory Linda Redden info Updated
  Memoriam Added info on Miss Lou Alice Clarke


Date Update Changes
12/22 Hidden Directory

Info updated: Jeannine Paullus Scrip; Mary Rose Geer Gillmore; Phil Long

Survey Results Updated
Photos II Photo of Phil Long and his trophy


Date Update Changes
12/14 Hidden Directory

Info Joyce Kachenovich-Wright

Survey Results Updated
Thanks Thanks to Maurice and Libby Buring for providing dinner to ReUnion Committee for the December Mtg


Date Update Changes
12/11 Hidden Directory

Info Jerry High and James Sonny Hanks

Survey Results Updated: Total 91 confirmed attending to date
Best Memories New Pictures submitted by Doug Jones


Date Update Changes
12/08 Hidden Directory

Updated info: Dennis Lewis

Main Page Added Link for Frayser December Newsletter


Date Update Changes
12/04 Survey Results


Hidden Directory Updated info: Chuck Fann, David Everett, and Becky Martin Davis


Date Update Changes
11/25 Photos Now 2

Edward Alexander Grinder arrived October 27, 2003--proud grandparents are Brenda and Freddy Grinder.

11/20 News Scroller Added a Message from Monty


Date Update Changes
11/17 News Scroller

Added a News Scroller for INFO on main page

About Us Note and Picture from Jimmy
11/11 Directory/Hidden Updated info: Jeanne Strain-Privette, Vickie Nabors-Arnold, Melissa Smith(Nabors)


Date Update Changes
11/08 Directory/Hidden

Updated info: Mike Wiseman

Thanks to All Thanks to all of you who sent notes of sympathy and encouragement over the loss of my Mother. She had heart bypass a month ago, followed by stroke and ARDS which is a serious lung failure due to trauma. Your notes are much appreciated...Jimmy


Date Update Changes
10/29 Directory/Hidden

New Address: Sandra Doty-Kirk

Memoriam Ronnie Scates Info, submitted by Joe Thompson's sister, Lisa
10/26 Directory Hidden New Email: Dennis Lewis


Date Update Changes
10/22 Question of Month

New Picture posted, request to find Karen Cates


Updated info: Sherman Reed ,Barbara Edwards-Cox,Gary McDonald ;

Fred Bradley missing

Memoriam Sadly Updated; Ronnie Scates


Date Update Changes
10/18 Photos II

...just another Saturday night for an old frayser grad

...classmate who said "have you ever known me not to face the camera? smiling?"

10/17 Directory/Hidden Updated Addresses: Laura Whitehead Travis, Dwaine Rose, Lana Rutledge Robinson, Pam Malone, Rebecca Morris Caudle, Sharon Horton Lee, Sandra Doty Deckard, Ronnie Wells(missing),
  Lost Classmates Updated List from Monty......really lost,lost,lost classmates...


Date Update Changes
10/12 Survey Results Updated
About Us Jeanine Paullus Scrip and new grand-daughter!!!
Hidden Directory

What is the Hidden Directory??

This is a URL address you can type in to get everyones address, phone number and email addresses. Send an email to Monty or Jimmy to get this internet address.

This is not accessible from the webpage, to protect your Privacy.


Date Update Changes
10/08 Latest Reunion info updated
Photos Now 2 New Photo
About Us New entry


Date Update Changes
10/06 Hidden Directory Vicky Campbell Riley Address
10/05 Hidden Directory New Email-Linda Johnson Black , New Email - Kip McFarland


Date Update Changes
10/01 Directory/Hidden Updates


Date Update Changes
9/27 About Us Added info sent by Charles Margolin in Florida
-Just Info A friend of my brothers spotted SGM Mancuso and talked with him, trying to get a first hand report on this
Hidden Directory Jeannine Paullus Scrip email address changed


Date Update Changes
9/21 Memoriam Added Photos: John Stetz, Greg Drumwright, Tommy Coats
Best Memories Added Photo: Sgt Mancuso


Date Update Changes
9/20 Directory/Hidden Updated
Where We Are


128 in Tennessee
11 in Mississippi
9 in Arkansas
8 in Texas
5 in Florida
3 in Oklahoma
3 in Georgia
2 in Alabama
2 in Kentucky
1's in various locales



Date Update Changes
9/17 Directory/Hidden Update : Verna Hendricks info
Question of Month Info from Benny Collins


Date Update Changes
9/15 Directory/Hidden Updates: Ronnie Scates, Tom Craig, Malcolm McIntosh, Debra McAlpin Faulkner,John Wesley Hallmark,Chad Scott, Charles Michael Laney,Lewis Ray
  Survey Results Updated
  Lost Classmates Latest Updated List from Monty


Date Update Changes
9/14 Best Memories Memories of Sgt Major Mancuso by Allen Wilson
  September Question/Pictures new pictures submitted by Benny Collins


Date Update Changes
9/12 Directory Updated info on Greg Grinder, Charles Margolin, Diane Patterson, Victoria Harris,
  Survey Results Current Count 77 attending , of those that have taken the Online or mail survey


Date Update Changes
9/8 Special Thanks Page added to thank those that have made special contributions


Date Update Changes
9/6 Directory Updated
SurveyResults Updates
WhereWeAre Updated Map of where we are


Date Update Changes
9/4 Memoriam Memories of Randy Brooks from Monty
Directory Updated Mike Messer email
Question of Month New Picture


Date Update Changes
8/28 About Us Monty Cole Duncan
  Favorite Teachers Memories from Billy Byrd
  Question of Month New Mystery Picture/Answers to last phot


Date Update Changes
8/27 Memoriam Memories of Martha Carlock from Randy Byrd


Date Update Changes
8/26 Survey Results Updated
Directory Updated Allen Wilson info
Photos Now 2 New Photo
  Best Memories Memories of Ms Bridger from Joe Thompson


Date Update Changes
8/21 Favorite Teachers Memories of Ms Salyer
8/20 Favorite Teachers Memories of Coach Will Medling from Joe Thompson


Date Update Changes
8/19 Directory Updated
Hidden Directory Corrected Barbara Briner-Meeks address
Directory Updated Sherman Reed contact info
8/16 Photos Now Pg 2 New Photos


Date Update Changes
8/13 Memoriam Memories of Jerry Harding from Dennis Lewis
Reunion Info ReUnion Info, News, Invitation and Survey Pages have all been updated with the Latest Info
Photos Now Started a Second Photos Now Page
Directory Added a column on the Directory Page to show whose payments have been received
  Question of Month Added new question of the Month, and answer to last one
  Best Memories Memories from Nancy Shockley Black


Date Update Changes
8/11 Memoriam Memories of Jerry Harding from Joe Thompson
Photos Now Picture of Coach from Jr High who taught most of us about Tennessee History


Date Update Changes
8/8 Now Additional Pictures!!...


Date Update Changes
8/5 Where We Are Carlos Rodriquez is in Michigan,,,,Jimmy had to relearn where the states are....


Date Update Changes
8/4 Where Ben Sanders on Map---> New Jersey
Directory Updated Addresses Doug Jones, Susan Fulghum Addison
Memoriam Memories : Martha Carlock Thompson


Date Update Changes
8/2 Hidden Directory Added more emails
Best Memories Added Story about Coach Will Medling by Bill Haltom


Date Update Changes
7/31 Reunion Info Correction: Greg Grinder lives in Eads Tn area, not Somerville
Directory Don Tummins has relocated to Memphis
Memoriam Memories from Monty
Photos Now Elbert Greer wrote a book.....


Date Update Changes
7/30 Photos Now Added Picture of Jimmy Vorlon Burks Family , Sherman & Becky Reed & Boat.....
Question of the Month Added question of the month for August, send answers to frayser69@yahoo.com
  Hidden Directory Added more email address
  Favorite Teachers Added comments from Donna Prescott


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7/28 Photos Now Added Picture of Dennis Lewis Family
Photos School Now Added recent pictures of Frayser High School
  Memoriam Added Curtis Harper


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7/24 Memoriam Corrected Lindell Hallmark photo
Photos Now Added photo of Carlos Rodriquz


Date Update Changes
7/23 Where We Are Started Map of where we are
Hidden Directory Added info Ronnie Campbell and Mary McCluskey


Date Update Changes
7/21 Directory&Hidden changed Ben Sanders email
Memoriam Added Wesley Morgan


Date Update Changes
7/19 Directory&Hidden Added Wes Phillips & Kaye contact info
Lost Classmates Carlos Rodriguez and Elbert Greer found


Date Update Changes
7/16 Survey Results Updated
Directory Added info to hidden directory -Joe Thompson
  ForGregGrinder Added Greg to class Picture, it is B&W but he is in it now.....
  Photos Now Added Joe & Marilyn Thompson


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7/14 Survey Results Added Table showing number of classmates taking survey and results totals


Date Update Changes
7/12 PhotosNow Article on Walter Plumlee


Date Update Changes
7/11 Survey Added Survey to collect info from our Classmates
LostClassmates Removed Charles Thompson from that list.
  Invitation Added Invitation created by Monty
  PhotosNow Added Mike Messer


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7/6 Best Memories Picture of Harry Gibson, Robert Brandon, Andy Black & Melissa Nabors -submitted Randal Byrd
Directory Betty Hodges Snyder..coming to the ReUnion...


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7/01 Directory Added info Keith Newsom


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6/29 Directory Added Linda Watson Oliver info
  Added info Sharon (Pruitt) Jackson


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6/28 ReUnioninfo Fixed url to Club Windward pictures
BestMemories Added Section to add your favorite memories from the 60's


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6/27 Photos Now Added Kip
Reunion Entertainment at ReUnion Saturday Night is Eddie Harrison & the ShortKuts


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6/21 Photos Now Corrected Sherry Byrd's name
Aries Added Charles Thompson
Update Added this update page
Reunion Added more info,,all info is still tenative ReUnion committee is meeting every month
News&THings Added Page Things you can do,and news from the ReUnion Committee