12th grade registration day (LtoR) - Jack Dalton, Mickey McCune, Chris Ruess, John Stetz. Mickey, Chris and John weren't allowed to register until they cut their hair! Photograph by annual staff photographer Wes Phillips.

Is the Middle one James Martin????

Following photos submitted by Brenda Cotton-Grinder

Some Members of the Rampage Staff

Nina Feldbawm

Betty Hodges

Debbie McIntosh

Barbara Dixon Lamey

John Hester's Speech Class.

Exciting isn't it!!!!

Once again, hard work in the cafeteria...

Glen Reed face down,

Raymond Jones at top

SPeech Class

This group went on a cruise together in May, 2003!!! Three of these ladies are from the Frayser Class of 69. Can you guess which one is not and who the others are? -----------------May 2003

Georgian Hills sixth grade Cheerleading squad

SIVAD (mr. davis) Aug 22, 1965 The Frayser Star
Randy & Sherry--in a backyard ---in Frayser about 1970
Billy Byrd '67 & Randall Byrd '69 sailing on Chesapeake Bay circa August 2003