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Hi Everyone,
One of my friends lost his nephew in Iraq last year.
There is a special exhibit opening in Arlington tomorrow and it will continue until September 5th. It is portraits of the all the ones we have lost in Iraq. Here is the link so you can view it. Click on
"portraits" when you arrive at the home page. Turn your speakers on so you can hear
the very moving music too. Please let others know about this, especially
anyone who has family or friends over there... Gary (Coughlan) 3-20-05


Just wanted to let you know that my granddaughter Eryka Renae was born yesterday weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs and 20 inches. It was a very difficult delivery for my daughter. In fact the baby's left clavicle was fractured but otherwise she is healthy, beautiful and the bone will heal on it's own. I will going back to Charlotte tomorrow to help out this weekend. It was a pretty intense but joyous day.

Love ya

Cheryl Redmon


Tributes and Info on Mr. John Hester March 18, 2005



Hey Monty,
I'm a grandpaw. My youngest son Kelly and his wife Leslie had a girl
yesterday morning. They haven't given her a name yet and I haven't even had a chance to see her.
I'll send some of those boring pictures as soon as I get some.

Joe Thompson

March 10th




Announcing the birth of Valora Leigh Chapman, daughter of
Paul & Melody Chapman, grand daughter of Michael & Carol Powell.
Mother & daughter are doing fine, even Dad is alright too.
Born on February 25, at 12:33 AM London time ( 7:33 PM EST on 02-24-05 ), weighing 7 lbs 13 oz., in Danbury, England. Melody was in labor for approximately 15 1/2 hours. Paul told me they would possibly go home from the hospital at 3 PM today, ( 10 am EST ).

Thanks for all the prayers

Michael Powell


Just for fun if you have idle time:

1. Star Wars Lego Game video Trailer:

2. Bat the Penguin, see how far you can hit him:

. Click on the snowman in right bottom corner to drop penguin, then again to swing

3. See what happened on your birthday:

4. Popularity of Names over 100 years:


I think this web sight is a great thing to keep your classmates in touch with each other. Its nice to see how everyone has made there mark in the world. Who would have ever thought your class mates would be living all round the world. It just shows how sm ...(from Guestbook posting) Feb 6

Gary Crabtree

Webpage looks great. When I have time, I enjoy checking it out.
I have a change of e-mail address and the state is wrong on my address you have listed on the directory.
Correct state is: OH
e-mail address: (in hidden directory) Feb 10

Mary McClusky Winnett


Hey You All Out There!

Hey, if you are on this LIST, we can't get thru to you on Email!!!
Let me or Monty know what your current email address or alias is….
If you are hiding from the government, a former wife or husband, or are in the CIA, send some type cryptic note, we like to know you are still among us…thx..Jimmy

David Creasy ,Amory Forrester, Chris Ruess, Mike McCune, Lewis Ray, Richard Manning
Allen Wilson Charles THompson, Sam Phillips Feb 10, 2005



Hello Everyone.Still alive .Doing well in tipton co.Working in Frayser 2-1-05

Donnie Davenport



I am still a piano technician after 30 years. We closed our music stores fter my parents moved to
Dallas, Tx about 15 years ago. My brother Greg(graduate of 1976), and I started a Medical
company about 15 years called Greystone Medical. We have a drug that heals a category of wounds called non-healable wounds. We've had several articles in the Memphis Business Journal that can be pulled up by entering "Greystone Medical" . My wife, Brenda King Pilant(Frayser grad of 1970) is a guidance counselor at Bartlett High School. We have three grown sons. Me and my three sons sing together as a gospel quartet. We attend Bellevue Baptist Church and sing there on different occasions.
Thanks and Happy New Year!

Doug Pilant

Jan 20, 2005


Class of 1970


Just wanted to pass along the address of one of your classmates: Robert B. Lantrip 6263 Brightwood Memphis, TN 38134 901/382-2841 I am his sister and I was in the Class of '66. I was looking around on the Class of '69 webpage and saw the directory for Class of '70, so that is how I got your email address. Jan 2005



We bought a new home on 5 acres out in the middle of beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass horse land, and we are loving it! As I look out my office window, my view is rolling hills and farm land - very peaceful! I am still teaching in Lexington (not so peaceful!) but it only takes about 20 minutes to get to my school, which is on Lexington's southern border. The drive home in the afternoon is just enough to wind down after a day spent with 24 third graders! Thanks for keeping us all informed. Even though we might not get to see people we graduated with, it is still great to hear about where they are and what's going on in their lives. Thanks to you and Monty, that's possible.

Betty Hodges Snyder 1-1-05

Sam & Johnny Phillips from article in Memphis Business Journal--Dec 2004

"Holiday hit Cash registers ringing with sales of Select-O-Hits CDs "




Please extend our gratitude to the Class of 69 for the beautiful spray of flowers that was sent to my brother Mark's funeral service. It certainly was a bright spot on such a dark and gloomy day in our lives. (The weather wasn't very co-operative either) Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

The Thompson Clan

James "Sonny" Hanks

Thanks for contacting me. You now have my email
address. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thanks again,
James "Sonny" Hanks

From: Michael Powell

Nick's homepage:

Let's try this again! Sorry for the inconvenience. Please do consider mailing a Christmas card to this child.
Thanks , Mike Powell
Here it is!
Hello All,
I am trying to help out a young boy who lives in Canton, Ga. with his
Christmas Wish. Please allow me to explain, this past Sunday in Sunday School at First Baptist of Woodstock, a fellow class member asked everyone to help out her friend's little brother. He was born with no legs and no arms 13 years ago. His health has been getting bad towards the end of thisyear. Needless to say he has had a tough life so far. If he could have anything he wanted for Christmas, he replied, "I want a Christmas Miracle". He wouldn't tell the family until the next day. His sister kept bugging him and he finally told her that he wants 10,000 Christmas cards by Christmas. He doesn't want to tell anyone, because he wants it to be a miracle. So I am asking for your help! Please send a card to the address at the bottom of the screen, and pass this along to anyone you know that will do the same.
If we all pitch in and spend just a moment filling out this card, and saying a pray for this young man, we can all be a blessing to him. What a small thing for us, but such a big thing for him! Thank you for you help, and have a blessed Christmas season,
Sincerely, Debbie Miller
Please send to:

Nick Waters
304 Meadows Point
Canton, Ga. 30115




Subject: Email change

Monty's new email is now:


Subject: History of Frayser
My younger brother sent this to me. I thought this would be of interest to many in our class. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of an old map of Frayser.

Randy Byrd



Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 20:28:52 -



Darryl Long is a GrandFather Again:

Yes she is beautiful. Her name is Alexis, & NO you can't have her she
weighed 9lbs 8oz she is 10 days old today.



Hi Monty,
We are headed to Florida in about two weeks. My daughter, Kelsey, is Miss Jr. Teen Tennessee and she is going to compete with 95 other girls in her age division in Disney during Thanksgiving. I'm sending you a photo of her. The Class of '69 had some pretty good genes, huh?

Donna (Prescott) Lynch
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Friends, Teachers and Classmates are welcome to send information

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Congratulations to Coach Dossett Foster:
RHODES Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees, 2004
· McKay Boswell '38
· Conrad Bradburn '77
· Cherry Falls '73
· Dossett Foster '64
· Bill Landers '61
· Jim Paschal '71
Coach Foster was inducted into Rhodes College Athletics Hall of Fame in October; You can send congratulations to Coach Foster at his email posted on the hidden directory....


Update, huh? Well, right after graduation, about a year or so, I found out I have diabetes. Guess it has been about 35 years now since my diagnoses. Rough road sometimes but God has been kind and I have had few complications until the last few years. I met Tom when he was first stationed at Millington and we married in April of '71. Then moved immediately to Florida, Where both our sons were born in Leesburg. We have 3 kids. Our eldest is almost 32 now. he lives in Sacramento, Ca. He is married and has a son almost 10 and is expecting twins in feb/march. Our second son is almost 30 and lives in Knoxville, and is going to school there. Our third, a girl, died about 5 & 1/2 years ago in an awful church bus crash.We were in the navy a total of 20 years. We spent 12 years in and got out to use his G.I. bill to go to school, at the Sunset School ofPreaching in Lubbock, Texas. Then we went back in and finished out his last 8. Tom was in the reserves while we were out those 4 years, too. It was during those 4 years that we adopted our daughter, she was 3 weeks old then. We had her for 16 wonderful years.We have settled in a small town in the southern plains of Texas. A definite difference in climate then Memphis! But with all the moving we did while the kids were growing up, when you ask them where they are from they say "from sea to shining sea!". We have lived in central Florida, Washington State,California (twice), Virginia, coastal Mississippi, the Chicago area, and Texas (twice), not quite in that order.
I was planning to come to the 25th reunion, but Tom's ship was being commissioned that same weekend and his folks came down to Ms. for that week, so that canceled any plans then.I have had hardly any contact with ANYone since graduation. I did run into Linda Vick once in the exchange on base in Oak Harbor, Wash. That was over 25 years ago. I saw Sharon Pruitt once when I went to her bridal shower a week early. lol!!
And I have seen Debby McCain a few times at church when we visited in Memphis. We have seen many beautiful parts of our great country and have met many wonderful people so that now I have friends in many parts of the world. It has been a good life, but I would really like to re-touch with a few old friends. I definitely hope to come to the reunion in '09. If the good Lord's willing.
Is that what you would call a thumb nail sketch for an update? lol.
love and prayers,

Brenda Miller Beeman


Don Tummins cast the winning bid to use the FedEx Corporate Jet which was an auction itemfor raising funds for the United Way-----Congratulations Don!!!

FedEx 2003 Leadership Incentive Winner of the Corporate Jet for a day is:

Don Tummins, Sales

Story from Bartlett Times & Mickey Mouse



Photo from Ken Uselton=>Cheryl's Sister=>Cheryl Downs Redmon

"I thought you might like this one and would want to send it on to your Dad.




Just learned about this site. It is wonderful! I havent been in touch with ANYone since graduation. Our life in the Navy kept us moving til we retired 10 years ago. Would love to hear from any who are interested in getting back in touch. I'm at We now live in a small town just outside of Lubbock, Texas, (Meadow) Would love to hear from some of you.

Brenda (Miller) Beeman




Hey Jimmy We are getting real tired of these storms. We took a hit with Charlie here. I got around two feet of sea water in my lower unit. The winds were around 115 on the Island where we live. Luckily our home wasn't destroyed. Many were. All of the other storms weren't as bad for us here. We had to stay off our island for a week after Charlie hit and the lights didn't come back on for around 8 days after the storm. So all of the food that was in the home spoiled and stunk up the place. It smelled like the Jr. High Football locker room..... All is well now but we have to repair all the damage done to the downstairs unit in the next couple of months... Hey, even with the storms, it still is a very nice place to be. I'll take it over Mempho anytime... Hey I got to go and get ready for Jeanne, in case it comes across the state and gets us.... Wheeeewwww...

Sherman Reed



Joe Thompson Photos from Ivan
Connie Walker Dunn I have enjoyed the class of '69 web page more than you can even imagine. I check it from time to time to what's new. Whoever is keeping the page going it is GREEEEEEEAT!



RE: TV Debut

Hey, Jimmy - I noticed Food Network is going to air the episode "Smokin' Sides" that I appeared in again on Sunday, Sept. 5 at 4:30 CT. Still can't believe Randy Byrd caught the segment the last time it aired and called me!

Karen Whitsett





It was a mid-life crisis type thing,,,
my '99 red miata


Update from Coach Dossett Foster:
Dear Monty,
I just received word that I was chosen
to be inducted into the Rhodes College
Athletic Hall of Fame this October at
Homecoming. My coaching at FHS
had a lot to do with it I am sure.
You can send congratulations to Coach Foster at his email posted on the hidden directory....


Karen Chalk on Food Channel---July 26, 2004
Sherry and I happened to be watching the Bobby Flay show. We saw Karen's one moment of fame. She was spectacular. I nominate her for an emmy.

Randy Byrd


From: Karen Chalk-Whitsett ---July 23, 2004
Hey, Jimmy, Food Network's Bobby Flay was in Memphis back in February and did a segment for his TV program with Hogwild BBQ and I happened to be in the what seemed like 3 minute taping, that took 2 hours to tape. I even spoke - my one worder (not one liner) was "wonderful"!

Anyway, for any of those food network channel watchers the show, BBQ with Bobby Flay" will air tomorrow July 24th at 6 p.m. on the Food Network channel.
Note: Jimmy was out of town, and didn't get to post this before the 24th; but you may be able to see Karen in a repeat of Bobby Flays cooking shows, which my wife loves to watch also.

Barbara Dixon Lamey (70)
Just visited the website to see all the new updates.
Brenda submitted a photo with Nina Feldbaum and Betty
Hodges taken in Mrs. Bragg's classroom. This photo was
of some of the members of the RamPage staff.
I am sitting behind Betty Hodges. The other row has
Joyce Kachenovich Wright (69), and behind her is Debbie
McIntosh (70).Keep up the good work! Click Here For Photo

Nancy Black Shockley Photo submitted by Monty Cole Duncan

Elbert Greer: Click on Elbert's name to go to names on the photos

I studied this for quite a while. Some of you, Stanley,Judd and Mary
ellen, look the same but the rest are a hard call. Names by the faces
would be nice. Wow Coach Foster running has been good for you.
This has made my day.---Elbert Greer 6/19/2004

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