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Re: Frayser Class of 69 Reunion - Big Success
Thanks for inviting me again. I had a wonderful time, as always, with this special class. You were my first students, as 8th graders, in my first year of teaching. You have always had a special place in my heart.
    I love you all,
    Dossett Foster (Coach) 
Just wanted to send a BIG Thank all that worked so hard to put the reunion together.  Friday night was wonderful, Thank you Greg & Nancy for opening up your beautiful home to all of us. I was so excited to see everyone. There will always be a special place in my heart for all of you. I was so sad we could not make it Sat. night. 
 See you all in 5 years..... Becky Martin Davis 

To the Committee and All Classmates.

I want to send my deepest apologie for my conduct at the reunion on the 25th. I had entirely too much to drink and became over zealous in my efforts to spark the party to a higher level. I embarrassed myself and more regretfully embarrassed my wife and friends. If I offended you I am deeply sorry for this and please be assured it will never happen again. I hope you will not hold this against me in our future relationships and I want everyone to know I love you all and truely would never do anything to hurt anyone. When my wife told me what I had done it hurt me deeply to know this. I did not even realize I had done any of the things she told me I did.



I wanted to send my Thanks and Appreciation to all you who planned and sponsored the Class Reunion. Special Thanks to Brenda for chairing committee, Andy Black for providing great entertainment, Greg & Nancy Grinder for hosting the Friday get-to-gether, special thanks to the Teachers who celebrated with us,,,and it was a great idea to provide a souvenir program.

Jimmy Glenn Burk


I had the most wonderful time reconnecting with old friends this past weekend and don't want to lose touch again.  

I'd like my e-mail address on the website so I can stay connected.

I'd really like to thank the reunion committee for such a wonderful get-together Saturday night.  And, Greg and Nancy Grinder for hosting a fabulous party Friday night.  I appreciate all their hard work done for such a wonderful event.  

Also, a very special thanks to Brenda and Fred Grinder for finding me after 40 years!


Janice Scott-Roebuck

Working with the reunion committee was an awesome experience. I got to know folks I didn't know at all and made several special friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.
      This group worked so well together that I'd be willing to bet some, if not all, will be working on the 2014 reunion. Each meeting was like a mini reunion. Everyone worked well together and we were able to make everything happen that we'd hoped for and more.
      A special thanks to Brenda for her leadership, Linda for her money management skills, Doug Jones for his work on the souvenir book and last, but absolutely not least, Mick McCune for his ad sales that helped offset the cost of producing the booklet.    
      Finally, thank you, everyone for your tireless efforts. That is what made it happen. As far as I know, there was not one complaint about the whole weekend.
      If anyone reading this did not make it to the reunion, I hope you will look at the videos and pictures so that you can share, in a way, all that happened. Hope to see you all in 2014, if not before. Love long, live fast, and be happy.
"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible."
Mary Rose Smith

Many thanks to Greg and Nancy Grinder for the great party.  I really enjoyed the entire reunion experience.  It was wonderful seeing old friends again, especially Becky Looney, Richard Manning, Stanley Grissom, Joe Thompson, Mike Archer, Wes Phillips, Tommy Mills, Mariallan Kile, Bonnie Skinner, and last but by no means least, Holden Caulfield (you know who you are) and of course, all of the other familiar faces. The whole weekend was entirely too short. Malcolm, you are ok in my book!!  Thanks for the dance.  I can’t wait for the next reunion.  See you all in 5 years, maybe sooner.

Jenny Hill Shepherd


Thank you all so much for inviting us to your reunion. We had a great time! I know it is alot of hard work, and we appreciate being included.

Thanks again,

Bonnie (King) Kelley





















Just a word of THANKS to Everyone…

The Class of ’69 is very fortunate to have so many classmates that are willing to share their resources to make our Forty Year Reunion a success.

 A great big thanks goes to Greg Grinder and his wife, Nancy (class of ’70), for opening their beautiful home, giving the Friday night party.  They also provided the delicious food and beverage everyone enjoyed.

I’d like to thank Monty (Cole) Duncan and Jimmy Burk for the Christmas Letter each year and for maintaining the website.  I especially would like to thank Jimmy for updating the class directory almost immediately after receiving new information, printing labels for our reunion invitations and for putting together the slideshow of pictures for our reunion enjoyment.  He has always been gracious and willing to help us for whatever is asked. 

Thanks to Mary Rose (Geer) Smith for her banking skills and reserving our committee meeting space. Also, thanks for bringing and setting up the equipment for our reunion slideshow and then taking it all down afterward. 

Thank you, Mick McCune for the idea to have an Ad Campaign and handling all the details for it.

Thanks go to Doug Jones for organizing the booklet and seeing it thru to publication.  I am not sure it would have happened if it hadn’t been for Doug! 

Debby and Sam Phillips, Thank you, for letting the graphic design department at Select-o-Hits work on the reunion invitation and the booklet.

Thanks, Dianna (Patterson) Drost for connecting the names with the email addresses on the constant contact to make it more personal and for making the CD of candid photos for the booklet.

Debbie (Mills) Upchurch, I appreciate you typing the classmate response information and the name tags for the reunion.

Sheila (McFarland) Council, Rita (Dunagun) Goforth, Wes Phillips, Stanley Grissom, Joe Thompson (even from Mobil, AL) who all made personal calls to classmates encouraging them to come to the reunion.

Thanks go to Andy Black and Judd Childress for their artistic talents in making the cover picture for the booklet.  Thank you, Andy for singing and playing in the band at the reunion.  The music was great!

And last but not least, thank you, Linda (Johnston) Black for being treasurer, and for setting up the constant contact account and then sending the emails out to classmates. This is a big job and you did it well. 

I appreciate the many hours spent trying to locate and update classmate information and attending meetings by this entire committee.  Thank you all for working to make this reunion a memorable weekend.   We are lucky that we have a great class who enjoy seeing one another.  As Stanley stated at the recap meeting, “The reunion was a big success because everyone that attended the reunion was there because they wanted to be!”  Thanks to all who came.  It was great to share a weekend again! 

Brenda (Cotton) Grinder

PS  Thank you for the pretty bracelet and necklace.  You shouldn’t have, but I love it! 

This one was GREAT!! The best quote I heard all night was from Donnie Davenport. "This is fun. It's like a costume party and you try to guess who's who. The problem is everyone is dressed up like old people!! " It was really fun seeing people that I haven't seen in the entire forty years. Attending Frayser was a plus but being in the "Class of 69" is priceless". I certainly wouldn't sell my membership. Thanks to all that made it happen.
Joe (Thompson)