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Welcome to the Frayser Class of 1969 Website. The following provides more information for you to locate information. If you want to submit photos or stories send to Monty Cole Duncan at mjcdod@hotmail.com or Jimmy Burk at vorlonjb@yahoo.com

About This Page: Information about the Webpage Site
Directory List of '69 ClassMates, Friends and Teachers
Hidden Directory Webpage listing Class complete addresses, emails and phone numbers. Contact Monty Cole Duncan or Jimmy Burk for the address of this webpage
ClassMates.com Webpage providing more information on high school Classes. You can access some information for free but have to buy a subscription to see all info and post on their message board
Satellite Map of School Google Maps of our previous incarceration
Frayser '69 Newsletters Every December we publish a newsletter from Frayser classmates. You don't have to be a '69'er to participate ; information is requested around Thanksgiving each year and can be forwarded to Monty or Jimmy or by mailing addresses listed on the newsletters
Updates This page lists any changes to the webpage and the dates.
Classes 65-72 Provides some links to other Frayser Classes
Class Postings Lists submissions and photos sent in from Frayser classmates. Archives lists previous posts. To submit anything and photos send to Monty or Jimmy
Photo of Week A weekly photo posted of a classmate or Teacher; usually changes on Fridays
Roy Hallums Jr A page of information related to Roy Hallum who has thankfully been freed in Iraq and living in Memphis.
Where We Are A mostly accurate map of where the classmates of 1969 are now living
Aries Yearbook A full copy of the Frayser Annual of 1969. A copy on CD is free to all '69 classmates by contacting Jimmy Burk
FrayserYahoo Group A Yahoo group of Frayser Classmates free to join
Memories Memories and stories from classmates mostly posted from our last Reunion
Other Schools Webpages of other Memphis schools
Top Songs of '69 Top 100 songs of our graduation year
Memoriam 1969 Info on classmates and teachers who have passed away; to submit memories or photos send to Jimmy Burk vorlonjb@yahoo.com or Monty Cole Duncan mjcdod@hotmail.com ; There are memoriam pages for other classes also
BlueLightSpecials Some photos submitted from instant photo boxes
For Greg A special page for Greg Grinder. Greg always said he wasn't in the class photo. He didn't know if the principal or law drug him away that day or what, so this page puts Greg back in our class photo
Teachers Stories submitted from classmates about our great Teachers at Frayser
Annual 8th Grade Photos from the 8th grade at Frayser
Past Reunion Photos Photos from past years of the class of 1969
Photos I, II, III Photos submitted for last reunion
Photos of School Memory of what Frayser High look like for those that forgot
NewsLetters Past years newsletters ; these are posted Christmas Day each year
Last Reunion Photos Many Many photos of our last Reunion which was Great due to the planning and participation of many
35th Committee Everyone that participated in planning our last reunion
Guestbook Guestbook to let us know you visited the site