Martha Carlock Thompson

Submitted following poem from Joe Thompson June 3, 2010

You were a most wonderful friend for 40 years, a
wonderful wife for 28 years, and most importantly
a wonderful and dedicated mother to our sons.
We all miss you so dearly. God must have had his
reasons for taking you from our lives.
We will always love you and never forget you and
pray that God will watch over you until we may be

Love forever,


I was always crazy about Martha. I remember when I had 3rd period study hall with Martha, Paula Cooksey, and Charlie Lewis. (And it seems that Victor Crawford was there too, but dang, my memory isn't that good anymore.) Being seniors, we were allowed to spend the period anywhere on campus, and we spent that hour every day in the lunch room shooting the bull, telling stories and jokes, and just generally having a grand time.

We got in the habit of sending out for Fillerburgers and timed it so our lunch would arrive just a couple of minutes before lunch period began. So when everyone else was piling into the lunch room to dine on institutional fare, our group was enjoying nice delicious greasy Fillerburgers. We were the envy of all the poor slobs who didn't have study hall during 3rd period.

Finally, Mr. Roby caught on to what we were doing. Charlie Lewis got nabbed coming back on campus with an armload of burgers, and Roby proceeded to bust everyone involved. Fortunately for me, as he busted the gang, I was out of the room and so evaded capture. Roby sentenced them all to a stretch in regular study hall. After they'd been there a week, they all got together and snitched on me.

Gee, what friends! Oh well. I missed them anyway and didn't mind too terribly much having to go to regular study hall for a few weeks. After all, I got to be with Martha and the gang again.

Martha was also so funny and witty and kept me in stitches. And I forgive her and the others for stooling on me.

Martha, my dear - - I love you.

Randy Byrd