Georgia Brogdon Neal & Mike Walls David and Angela Martin Flowers, Eddie and Phyllis Harris Smith, Marlin and Linda Archer White, Dennis and Cindy Hartman Foster
Spencer and Fran Flake Ridley Dale Wigley Kellman and Kenny Ferrell
Rhea and Jenny Miller Phyllis Harris Smith, Glen Shepherd, Angela Martin Flowers
Terry Vreeland Danielson and James Danielson Sarah (Glen) Shepherd and Eddie Smith
Dennis Foster and Dennis Paullus  
Linda Archer White, Janet Beith Decker, Kathy Jevne Clark Randy & Kathy Jevne Clark, Marlin & Linda Archer White
  Dennis Foster, Mark Rennich, Vickie Mayfield, James & Terry Vreeland Danielson
Dennis Foster & Dale Wigley Kelman Mike Volner, Rodney Mallory , Dave Crocker
Mark Rennich, Vickie Mayfield, Kenny Farrell David and Janet Beith Deckard
Dennis Foster and Ed McNair Ronnie and Pamela Riddick Cobb, Jenny and Rhea Miller
Phyllis Harris Smith, Angela Martin Flowers, Dale Wigley Kelman, Kenny Farrell, Stacey Tillerman Lisenbe, Ed Mcnair Kenny Farrell, Ed McNair, Dale Wigley Kelman, Pam Bringle Boone, Stacey Tillerman Lisenbe